Weapon recoil why so much on the lancer

I was wonder why does every single weapon have so much recoil. The lancer is now as bad as the reto-lancer.

Will that smooth out in the release?

Recoil is there on purpose as they shifted away from bloom.

I think it makes the lancer OP as with a Mouse, it’s literally like a laser at any distant.


For your benefit, this should be posted in the main feedback thread.


The recoil is nowhere near the retro. Yea it goes up the longer your shooting but again nowh near the retro

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Perfect active reloading the Lancer would increase firing rate. Higher, faster firing rate means more recoil. And apparently, it’s more “skillful” to learn and control the recoil.

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thanks i did not realize i should have posted there.

Unless your shooting at a completely still person you should be able to control it. But again it’s nothing like the retro. You know what’s like the retro…the talon. That has a crazy recoil.

yeah it just seems like the lancer will be a short burst weapon now like hammer burst.

yeah the talon was insane . i so had a hard time with that.

Lancer should still be fired, fully automatic. It’s more effective than shooting, pause, move reticule down, shooting again. Wasting too much time.

Talon is probably what Gears 3 Gorgon SMG was supposed to be. With that recoil. It was just too easy to use in Gears 3. Now it’s the hard way, and takes skill.

I find Lancer Grenade Launcher to have less recoil or easier to shoot with, even though this version shoots faster than Mk.3 Lancer with chainsaw.

I had no problem with the lancer. It does have a slightly higher kick back but not much. I got a ton of kills with it.

Also with the talon I realized that when far away shoot short burst. Up close go bananas lol. Start a little lower than you normally would

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The problems arise depending on players and skill levels.

As in, a small amount of the playerbase use M&K and it’s absolutely OP in 5 - way more so than Core Lancer in 4.

I said in another thread that most of the weapons could use a buff. But even as a controller player I was hitting 90% of my opponents with the lancer with no major recoil

Sure, it’s not that you have a issue with a controller or anything.

It’s 5 Lancers / Lasers crossing you from high skilled M&K users.

I never had issues with this in 4 but in 5 - the Lancer is just too much over practically any distance.

It needed some bloom to allow you to cross the map at distance.

I see what your saying. But that’s not what I was getting at in this thread. That’s a whole different story. I was just saying that the Lancers recoil is nowhere near the retro

No, definitely not on that point.

Recoil is there but nothing like the Retro.

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The closest thing to the retro is that damn talon


maybe not the bets comparison guys just saying the lancer now has kick and some less skill players need some level of equalization. they need a weapon that has some laymen user benefits.

Why are people complaining about this. I have had no issue with the recoil and I shoot until I have to reload.

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