Weapon Packs Craftable Soon?

TC, are the skins from the Weapon Packs going to be made craftable? Im mainly trying to complete my Beam Wave set. Hopefully im not the only one who want this to be done :sweat_smile:


Definitely like to see them craftable to since It had some sweet skins. Though, dont expect an answer from TC since they wont comment on future craftable content.

Did they officially say that they wont talk about craftable content or is it just uncommon for them to do so?

They never talk about craftable content so I doubt they’ll start now, so its kinda implied as “officially”. They only announce craftable content during whats up a day before it releases or whatever.

Oh ok. Guess i just gotta keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best

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That would be great! I’m still trying to complete the smoke skins from Weapons pack #2 . I tried to finish it when they had all the previous packs up last year, but I ran out of credits. These packs are definitely old enough to be craftable.


Right! Im pretty sure these packs came out before some of the locust that are already craftable so i think its been long enough