Weapon loadout position/order

so i’m curious if changing the weapon position does anything.
in ranked koth i put gnasher on left side and i start with gnasher. did this in quick match and nothing changed the positions were switched but i start with lancer.

did this for ranked tdm and i started with gnasher but it didn’t move the gnasher from the left d pad spot like it did in the other two modes.
what gives with this? am i missing something should there be consistancy?

Yeah, we’re waiting for the hammerburst to make a return so I can actually have the choice of a loadout.

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i’m not referring to choice of weapons. i’m taking about what you start with. what you hold starting the match. your primary weapon. does it matter what mode it is when you switch position of lancer to gnasher?

I know. I was trying to be a bit witty.

I have no idea tho. Maybe a glitch. Games filled with em.

Oh sorry. It’s weird cause it switch the position on the lobby but not in game. In rsnke di will hold the one I gave the checkmark too though