Weapon disappearing from skiff

playing through act 2 right now, weapons disappear whenever i complete a main objective. i dont care about normal weapons but relics disappearing really piss me off. i thought it said u can safely store weapons on it? also skiff weapon ammo returns to full when i reload checkpoint, nice bug but i think it has something to do with the weapons disappearing bug, both obviously arent intended.

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You are not alone I’m afraid ! I’ve encountered the very same bug with guns disappearing from the skiff after a main objective is completed. It is truly infuriating but the saddest part is that this bug DID NOT occur up until the latest title update. I’ve played through the campaign twice when it was new and had very few problems until very recently.
Below is a link from reddit where this issue I discussed further.
All we can hope for is that TC gets the thumb out their ■■■ and FIX all these stupid annoying bugs that just ruins the amount of time you put into game and get punished for progressing. It’s BS, I know. They should be resolving this in January and I sure as hell hope they do because I ain’t playing the campaign till they fix this silly bug.

Ammo regeneration is intended, the other issue is not however. I’m actually speaking to TC_Octus on reddit about this, and whether or not it will be fixed next update. If it is, I’ll definitely run through the campaign one last time to get mine and my co-op partners preferred loadout back.