Weapon Changes and Gameplay

Snub buffing, anyone think the snub should be buffed up around 10-15% This could make the snub a viable weapon to use during competitive. Grenade and heavy weapon skins?

Definitely. In core at least. I use it a lot but most players don’t touch it. If weapon changes were quicker it might be more viable at the current strength but in core, why bother when your shotgun does just as much damage at mid range.

Exactly,someone who understands.

If snub headshots returned it would be a pretty decent finisher for people trying to run away

Snubs are actually OP in both Core and Comp. Even in Comp, you can down someone with one clip of it without any headshots. And the fire rate is uncapped. They need to cap the fire rate IMO.

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Charged snub at the medium range to the head with no fire rate… It’s like a machine pistol - I can usually down somebody before they know what hit them.

I thought Gears 4 Snub was severely underpowered when compared to Gears 3.
If anything, I’d rather the Gears 4 Snub to be buffed up by around 5% or something.
Gears 3 was four perfectly active shots to head.
Gears 4 is like 8 or 10 perfectly active shots to head or something.
It felt underpowered and not very reliable when ran out of Lancer ammo or any other weapons.
I usually switch to Snub pistol when ran out of Lancer ammo for ranged damage.

Weapon skins for heavy weapons could work.
I thought of this before but not sure about grenade skins.

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