Weapon Bug While Roadie Running

Anyone been having the problem of roadie running and you’ll randomly drop the weapon happens in escape and horde

The weapon select comes up when i press and hold A

Its weird i havent played gears 5 now for two days because of this

Yeah this has just started to happen to me.

Game played fine for the first week now this happens every time I play Horde.

Happens to me too!

My problem is in Campaign.

When I press A Button and start running my characters drops the active weapon. I can’t do nothing!

The Controller Layout is Standard and I tried different controllers. All have the same Problem.

I reset my console but the Problem still exists.

And if I press the D-Pad to the left nothing happens. I can’t choose the left weapon.

I dont have problems in other games (Forza, Fortnite…)

Someone any idea?