Weapon Achievements Bugged

The Dropshot Mastery and Boomshot Mastery achievements seem to be bugged for me; they haven’t updated in nearly a month and I’ve been getting double kills when the weapons and opportunities present themselves. The Boomshot Mastery achievement is still stuck at 24%, when the 2 double kills I got with the Boomshot last match alone should have bumped it up to 32%. By my count, the Dropshot Mastery achievement should have unlocked about a month ago (I never see the Dropshot on maps now, but it came up all the time back then) and the Boomshot achievement should be somewhere around 60-70% completed. Can someone from TC/Microsoft look into my stats and see if there’s a problem with the achievements, or point me to a place I can submit a proper support ticket?


I’m not sure about how many you should have but are you on Xbox? In my case my Xbox tracker wasn’t updating until I turned the game off. I could see the increased percentage on my phone almost immediately on most cases though. On Xbox, exiting the game updated it.

I’m on Xbox, yes. After a match, I like to take a look and see how much progress I’ve made for the remaining weapon achievements, and all non-Boomshot/Dropshot achievements tracked well. I’ve checked immediately after the match, half an hour after the match with the game loaded, after switching to another game and back, and looking the next morning after turning my Xbox off, and the tracker never increased.

It’s the Longshot that seems to be problematic for me - the last four “hat trick” ribbons I’ve got haven’t registered a change in the tracker.

Edit: It’s finally dawned on me (after grinding out another five or so “hat tricks”) that my progress is frozen at 50% because I’ve already accomplished the headshot part of the achievement, therefore I’m halfway (50%) to getting the achievement to pop.
Now I just need the two “supers”, but I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen in vs AI…