We Want Your E3 Reaction Videos!

Hey Gears fans -

We know many of you love to record your live face-cam reactions to E3 to share with the world.

With Gears 5 at E3 fast approaching, the team at The Coalition are so excited to see what Gears fans think of our first news in almost a year. Everyone is working incredibly hard right now on Gears 5 as we prepare for release this year, and having the opportunity to see your excitement (hopefully!) for Gears 5 at E3 would mean a lot to the team.

To share that excitement, we want to build on a montage of your reactions to show at a team meeting later this month. If you’d be interested in being featured in our internal team meeting, please do drop a link to your Face-Cam reactions to E3 in this thread.

For those wondering, this isn’t a competition - just an opportunity to share something to the team at TC.

Thank you and we can’t wait to see them!


(Note: Please keep it honest and real. Don’t feel like you need to turn it up to 11 to be featured. Your true reactions are what we want to share!)


Uhmmm… What if you’re camera shy? :pensive: :video_camera:


Will do! Have been waiting for a day when I can start a Gears game from launch day for so long! Really looking forward to this!

I plan on doing a watch party on my stream Sunday so, you’ll most definitely be getting my reaction!


Can’t wait to share!

i’ll be doing alot of the e3 coverage & reactions on my twitch. twitch.tv/bashinskulls is where i’ll definitely give my 100% real feedback & honesty

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Oh, sounds like a challenge.

I may not having my streaming setup even close to being setup. but I will defently document my reaction tomorrow

I’m streaming the conference tomorrow and my reactions will be all there. I can’t wait to share that with all of you guys!


Will do. I’ll link it tonight! Soooo excited! I’ll look like i’m over doing it but more than likely i’m going to cry hahahaha. Gears if war 2 opened up Queen Myrrah and the sires; they are still my favourite mystery of all time! Absolutely buzzing!

https://twitch.tv/lonefemsangheili - theres my channel


Im gonna live stream my reaction but i dont really know how to clip it to this thread but I figured id plug myself real quick with the twitch link i cant wait to hear more about gears 5 and the release date :fire:

i hope the weapon respawns are back to 30 seconds or the real montage community wont touch it from the start lol.

Breaks my heart to say but a bit underwhelmed. All very well telling us about things coming. What about now!

Will we get campaign tonight ?


I’m not too convinced about it. The Horde sounds fun but if that’s all for Gears 5… that thing they showed of Kait was also not entirely clear.


Yeah it caught me off guard for sure.

Is that it?

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More will come bro it was just 3 player co op…Horde and campaign will come later on today

Soo pumped for Gears 5 i need that early multiplayer access in July and to play it early at Microsoft Stores

That was a just tease so far, hopefully there is more :thinking:

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I really hope there is more to it than just that little bit we got