We want transparency for how many people are playing!

Right now it is a joke to try and play this game. I love gears of war and really want to play it but you messed up the match making.

I have to wait hours to get a single match these days in either KOTH or TDM which is totally unacceptable.

Add events like triple credits to a single game mode for a week then change it every week this will put more people into one place. Although I don’t think it is a population problem I think it is the way your matchmaking system works.

If I go on my xbox I can get a game every 2 - 3 mins but on PC i have to wait 30 min + to get into one match so obviously something is skewed against PC if you don’t want them to play your game don’t release it to us just to make money and then ignore the community.

Add how many people are currently queuing in certain modes so people can play something. I would rather play another game mode and get a game than wait 30 mins every time.

TC stop worrying about dam boxes and fix actual problems with the game.