We want og onyx guard dialog voice!

With the new of onyx guard being released I was extremely excited, Back in Gears of War 3 he was my favorite character, I loved everything about it him like his look, the lore, and most importantly his dialogue. His phrases were my favorite aspects of the character and I always enjoyed playing him because of it. But with the Gears 5 version of Onyx guard it isn’t the same. The Gears 5 version of onxy guard isn’t as great as it was before, all it is a cog gear in a different skin. The onyx guard voice is what made him stand out and TC took that away from him. I just want the OG voice.


I completely agree. I think the female version sounds good imo, she sounds more masculine than the guy lol. The guy sounds like if he just got out of basic training smh.


I don’t like either of em,I never liked the cog gears voice in any game.Still rather play as them than kait though

Agree, like the curb stomp they went 3 steps back with the Onyx Guard. Their voice is just muffled now, nothing like gears 3. TC knew what players wanted in the Onyx from the beginning but once again they tried to reinvent the wheel and failed. I believe they feel they’re in EPIC’s shadow and it bothers them so they put their own spin on things , which ends up making things worse and more work for them. @TC_Octus @the-coalition


I never liked the OG voice in Gears 3

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I agree, plus the onyx should of been his own character not a skin add-on. Would of loved to see him as a hero status.


The new voice actor sounds like a kid and fits more of a cog gear than a onyx guard. The old voice actor sounded like a bad ■■■ war vet with a electronic voice


Yep! That was specifically what I was hoping for when it was released.

Private Casan is pretty awesome I really love just how aggressive and loud she is with every voice line.


Support 100%

I think the armour upgrade is dope, however the voice and dialogue are a huge letdown! He was always my main character in Gears 3 but I don’t think I’ll even equip him now.

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I really don’t understand why TC can’t grasp that making characters have their own personality and quirks is what defines them.

In a game where you have to choose characters to play as rather than have your own, their unique personalities and dialog as well as look are what makes ppl choose them.

You would think they’d understand this, esp Rod, coming off of UT.

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This is heresy. Bold…but heresy.

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With all the things wrong with the game is this really a priority for you?

There’s always that one guy.


Just a quick question that is sort of on topic. If you unlock the skin through your of duty, do you still have to buy/grind fir the original cog gear first to be able to use it?

Yes you still need to unlock COG Gear in order to use the Onyx skin.

I don’t know what’s worse…
TC giving whatever they want or people expecting too much from them :rofl::rofl::rofl:

The og voice has some of the best voice acting of any of the character skins. Hope they do bring him back.
“No retreat, no surrender, no defeat.”


They finally bring back the Onyx Guard and they even manage to mess that up. Unbelievable.

I like the current voice better.

Cog, through and through!

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