We want mansion, jacinto, River, azura, academy!

First, ask yourself if they work for escalation since that game mode dictates what maps come in or not.

have they confirmed that!?

two maps only? hahahahahahahha

what is this? what an absolute joke

When does this gd game launch!?

i know, right? I wish people would stop talking so much about characters and such. Can the game be at least mediocre? At this point, forget about wanting a great game. Can we get to mediocre first?

All those people begging for the Carmines like they will change the change smfh.

I could see them going three. Two new ones and a re-make.

I think they’ve said it was only going to be two though. So my guess is 1old + 1new.

Possibly, but they might try and pull a fast one on us.

I mean sure they can try and pull a fast one on us and release 1 map instead of two, but TC giving us more than they’ve originally planned?

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It’s possible we get three is what I think. Only having 9 maps till early next year is just not enough. What we have will get stale real quick.

Well you know, pigs can fly. It’s not outwith the realms of positivity, we’ll need more maps by then.

I definitely agree that they released the game with the bare minimum of maps, which are arguably some of the worst in the franchise. And releasing only 1-2 maps by the end of the year is is just not enough, agreed there too.

But this is TC we’re talking about, so I doubt they’ll go out of their way to provide us with more content than they’ve initially promised, unless you count the few maps available in private horde that they may or may not add into the rotation.

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No i want a lancer nerf, the old active reloads back, better KOTH spawning, more maps, lower ping, for my screen not be red all over the place when im shot once with a gnasher from a mile away, my daily tour objectives to actually update after a match rather then be stuck at 0, and for a new TC staff thanks

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I agree that we’ll definitely need a lot more maps than they have planned by the end of the year.

Gridlock is love, gridlock is life.
Side note: love to see gondola and library make a return.

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If we get 3 maps it’ll probably be a re-hash of another one. I would rather have GOOD new maps over old ones and the key word there is good.

The only thing that equals love and life in the Gears universe is Delivery Driver Mac. Everything else is of no importance in comparison.

Also, yes and yes to both Gondola and Library.


Ughh on ddm

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You’ll come around someday Onyx. The teachings of DDM is absolute.

“We want Azura.”

Lol speak for yourself, fam. That map was so boring. I distinctly remember people always trying to avoid it.

No. It’s an awful skin and just no.

No point in jumping out the window, he’s got your back.

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