We want gnashers only koth back!

It has been a year maybe more that gnasher koth did not make a return. I was getting bored with Gears 4 until it came out and I never put my controller down while it was around because it was so fun me and my friends had a blast it was pure gnasher battles and it was the greatest. Osok came back and I like that mode too it definitely helps people like me practice sniping etc. What I’m saying is people like me love these gamemodes so much then why take them away? I re-uped twice while gnasher only koth was here because it was actually fun. You could roll into the hill and mess around and not care because you dont have to be so sweaty in ranked all the time. I say TC should keep a special event permanently but just rotate it every couple weeks from gnashers only koth to osok to 2v2 gnashers you name it. Anyone back me up if you agree. :slight_smile:


While they’re at it, bring back the flaming and midnight omen skins to be tied into this game mode.

Rotating special event list sounds pretty cool.

I’d be interested in learning why they don’t do it. The effects on player base? Infrastructure? General hype?

I don’t know


Flaming Gnasher might fit, but Midnight Omen Skins are supposed to be exclusive for Horde.

i knew that, but I was making a point about those earnable skins and special events :+1:

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Gnashers only blitz would be fun

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I thought KOTH only was gnashers to begin with since that’s all I see


I back up Pure Darkness.
More gnasher playlists please.
Especially KOTH

I would love this to happen

I can only agree on this one. Me and my friends would love to play GNASHER KOTH

Gnashers Only KOTH with Comp 2.8 Tuning please!!

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No thank you…

But a comp tuning KOTH would be great…

Its great. I do miss it, fun warmup mode

Sounds fun for a bit. If you wish for gnasher only or sniper practice, play horde solo on casual. Even normal. 1v1000.

My dream custom event is Blitz, Gnashers only with 2.8 tuning… Would die for that kind of an event… Just madness everywhere… Let’s go!


I would welcome Dominasher’s return

I agree as long as not just one map, don’t we usually get just RD on that playlist ?
Also why not Snubofthehill :wink:


Dominasher would be nice because it’s almost like King of The Hill but with 3 rings like Escalation.

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Make it ranked with competitive settings please.:grinning:

Call me crazy, but I’d like to see it as a part of ranked playlist too!