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We shouldnt be kicking the gaurdian for going idle while watching the map


(telekinetix) #1

Been playing gaurdian like crazy lately and in that game the gaurdian can see where every one is on the map while looking at the map, i have to use this tactic when i have random team mates that need help, we lost the 1st round, second round we got pinned at spawn but i was able to sneak out and kill the leader, i wasnt gonna let that happen again so i put up my map and directed my team mates whrre to go, this was all going very well until i got kicked for going idle even though i was actively doing a very important roll in aiding our victory, this needs yo be updated

(Kitten Britchez) #2

Agreed. Social is far worse about this.

I assume you do know, however, that giving the (both) sticks a nudge every now and then keeps you from getting the boot.


Good to know! Thanks👍
(goes off to be an annoying AFK player)

(Me0wMix CatFood) #4

That’s what I do. You don’t have to stop looking at map to do it, just don’t be like my friend and walk yourself out in the open. Lol.

In Guardian, I’ll also remind leaders not to idle. This has saved us a lot of problems.
There’s maps where leader needs to be involved and you shouldn’t be on the map much. But, there’s others where calling out from the map makes a HUGE difference because there’s a number of ways you can get flanked if you don’t.

I’ll also share a Guardian tip; if you’re facing a team where you can tell they’re reading the map (they know exactly where your players are without being able to see them) keep in mind that your leader is not visible on the map unless marked. The leader can walk right to to another leader who is starting at the map and take him out.

(Omen LP) #5

Haha, that happened yesterday, we had a very adventurous leader who liked to go out and give leader hugs… When I heard the ‘leader dead’ sound I was convinced it was our leader who got himself killed, but apparently he run into the enemy leader and bodied him, while the other was sitting there, looking at the map…

(Gyroscopic Jim) #6

I had a similar Guardian wtf moment. I was leader on Drydock with the Trishot on the pipe at the back. I was actually tracking between the staircases with right stick all the time, I thought this would be enough to prevent being kicked but alas not, found myself back in the lobby. This was on social.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #7

I always move left stick because right seems unreliable. I think they use left stick to track whether someone is idling or not because right sticks can drift.