We should put spider man and venom in gears when that movie comes out

I mean it’s totally perfect right? Warping around the map and sticking to walls and what not it only makes sense


I’d like do to some wall bounce as Ru’Paul. Balls out in a pageant dress with all the details focused on the Bell Tower going “Ding Dong”.

That would make them big bucks! That, and a nicely themed Spidey/Venom weapon skin sets to accompany them.

Can only imagine Venom on the Swarm team, that would be pretty epic!

Can’t we just stop with the stupid and nonsensical feature characters that have no place in Gears already?


Depends what Venom we’re talking about.
If it’s early Eddy or Gargan then yes.
Movie Venom, Lethal Protecter era & onward Eddy or any other Venom then no.

No. Do not let Disney in. The monitization is bad enough already. E-10 Gears with $25 characters? No thank you.

I hate to beat it like a drum, but movie themed side characters once again remind me of Ubi’s blunders. It was bad enough they put the action movie themed Narco Road DLC in Wildlands, instead of a serious undercover drug investigation like many hoped it would be. It was pretty much universally abhorred by the whole fanbase. Then they got clever and started using well known, respected movie characters like Predator as side missions IN the campaign.

Now they’ve gone to the extent of turning what was always a real world tactical shooter franchise, Ghost Recon, into a fictional setting, sci fi, “The Division” scenario.

When will this end guys, when you eat up this silly stuff, it tears into traditional themes franchises are built on. I warn not going down that path, or they will exploit it.

You mean you wouldn’t want this?


Well, I don’t actually have 45000 iron at the moment. Think they would take a tattoo?


Lmao, the 45k would be only for the down payment if Disney has anything to do with it. After that it’s 2k iron every 2weeks for 5yrs


It’s a pity. I can totally picture Boba Fett with a Gnasher.

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Santa clause

Wait… Disney owns him too? :joy::joy::joy:

I thought Coca Cola did.

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I believe this is sarcasm but incase it isnt no more cross overs. Let’s focus on the gears universe which seems like they are second class citizens in thier own game.

Thank you…God answered my prayers and I dont believe in God nor do I pray…but finally someone else that feels just like I do…I love you man (no homo)

The movies have to be trash in order to be in.

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Thank the lawd the movie underperformed. Now they can put it to rest…

Smh that franchise had so much potential still untapped

LOL, what’s next, having them wear Hello Kitty backpacks? :roll_eyes: