We really need to remove the "no duplicate heroes" thing

Horde matchmaking has always been difficult when playing with randoms. 50 waves in a row is a big commitment, and team chemistry is hard to just happen by. But with the new progression system, the restriction against playing multiple of one character and the multitude of difficulties confusing people on what they’re prepared for, I’ve found it’s impossible to get a match going in under thirty minutes. I’m only writing this now because I’ve been going for said thirty minutes and have thus far played three waves total.

I’ve been trying to get an Insane match, but each time I get cued up, one of four things will inevitably happen:

  • My lone character high enough leveled to handle Insane is the same as someone else’s and I get forced to switch to someone else. Then I have to quit.
  • Someone else joins using my character and the game automatically switches mine instead of theirs for some reason. So I quit.
  • Someone or multiple someones will join with a severely under leveled character. Probably also my chosen character, and again, the game will automatically switch me for some reason. So I quit.
  • We finally get a decent team put together but someone quits/gets kicked before wave 20 so everyone quits.

That’s been the story of Gears 5 horde for me. Aside from the (I’m gonna be really pessimistic here) very dumb idea to restrict classes to specific characters in an attempt to transform Horde into a hero shooter, and the severe imbalance between essential characters (Jack) and characters that don’t ever need to be picked (Fahz), the fact that I have to spend close to an hour of my evening just to find a match that goes past Wave 10 is really causing what enthusiasm I had to wane. I don’t have the time to spend repeatedly running through lower levels of a Horde mode I’m not all that crazy about just to level up characters I’m not all that crazy about in case someone happens to like playing the same class I do. I have other things to do, and frankly, other games to play.

Plus I recently encountered a glitch that somehow allowed me and another guy to both play Kait for a match. So I know it’s possible.

So yeah. That’s my rant. Ideally I’d love if The Coalition dropped the character class restrictions altogether and let me play a given class regardless of my character choice like before, but I’d compromise with not being forcibily switched to another character by the game itself, and maybe a clearer indication to new players about how experienced and leveled up they should be to take on higher difficulties. All of this is making an already difficult matchmaking process so much worse than it was in Gears 4, 3 or 2.

Oh and followup: why the hell are classic maps restricted to private matches? What are you saving them for if they’re already in the game? There’s so little variety right now. It’s hard to stay enthused.


It’s still really bugging concerning the duplicates also. I’ve been in games with multiple Emile’s, multiple jacks, etc. Jacks and I think Marcus used different skins so maybe it has something to do with that but just the other day another Emile
Joined in my game as I played him. Not sure how that all works to be honest.


I admit it’s annoying when you want to play as a certain char and it’s taken. However if we removed the no duplicates then there will only be 3 classes in every game. Del/Kat for building+repairing, Jack for healing+smelting and JD for GL lancers+artillery strikes. I was in one match as Kat and the JD asked for a lvl 4 weapons locker early. He put his GL on their then deliberately went out and got himself killed. We get his tags, he respawned, put his GL on the locker and died again. When he was done he had a weapons locker full of Lancer GLs and whenever he ran out of grenades he would switch to another one. He almost did as much dmg as me but all my dmg came from ALL the sentry turrets and fences on top of the tri shots I was using every wave. If they took out the no duplicates restriction no one would use Fahz or even Marcus past a certain difficulty.

I feel the game needs to be tweaked a little. When you get to a certain wave or difficulty your perks don’t matter. Everyone will eventually be hiding behind the fences spamming heavy weapons from the lockers. Marcus is a tank but he may be able to take 1 more bullet than the engineer. Kait is meant to get executions for stim and bonus power but once the enemy gets the dmg modifier she can’t get close enough to retrocharge or chainsaw. Emile feels like he was designed to be a melee hero but like Kait you won’t be able to get close after the horde gets strong enough. I like Fahz’s game play but he can’t compete with a JD using a lancer gl. An Engineer and Jack are literally must picks if you intend to go to wave 50. Kat, Emile and Sarah are cool but they literally have half as many perks as the other people in their classes. The perks you purchase during horde to boost your stats become irrelevant past a certain point. Level 1 is usually like a 10% boost which is nice but everything after that is like 1-3%. When paired with the cost vs the smaller returns it’s better to upgrade another fortification.

I go in and out of custom horde matches. Those people have a slightly higher tendency to stick around or work as a team. It takes some minutes but id rather play a class I want with a crew that will stick around to 50 instead of a room where 2 people quit at wave 1 cause they didn’t get what they wanted and probably all leave after wave 20.

As for the duplicate characters I think it has something to do with using the same char but with different skin. The game somehow thinks that’s a different person.

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You’re not wrong. I mean, people tend to min/max. Even in 4, an engineer, a scout, and 3 heavies was the ideal comp. Now personally, I’ve never bene outscored by anyone on my sniper, save maybe the scout. Some engineers would be up there but damage dealers, nah. Sniper was sleeper OP however most sucked wicked bad. I definitely agree though that the explosive/big damage class usually out weighs the others.
However, it’s still more important to give players the choice imo. Forcing a meta isn’t as good as letting it organically evolve.

This is my experience as well. I play Emile mainly and regardless of the stim card and 30% max health perk, I still go down instantly. It really doesn’t matter what the defensives are. Also, similarly Emile is melee focused. In later waves on higher difficulties, it’s just not feasible most of the time. I will say this though… If I can lure a bunch into a choke point, throw my drop shield down and make a robo-dome, with a breaker mace, they better watch out lol. NOTHING stands up to emile with a breaker mace. Especially if Jack is healing.

I wish they’d remove the perks but if not, I wish more people realized this. I calculated all the best/most optimal perks per money spent and found something similar. Many of them lose significant value after the first point. Personally, I could see getting to 5ish on extra health, MAYBE 3 (but usually just 1) on crit damage, and 1 on extra ammo and ult c/d. After that it’s just, not worth the money. A fully maxed out person will never help as much as a crazy good base. I wish they’d remove the selfish incentives.

I think so too but again, I’ve been in a game with two Emiles. Perhaps promo characters are bugged too.

Try to use the looking for group option, most of the time you’ll fine a good group of player and you will actually like the game. Ive done this last week and I found my self a team for horde. Now we’re doing Master Hordes daily.