We really need help in this

I win 20 games in a row in Team detahmatch (Statistics in my favor in all of them) and I raise the %.000 I lose ONLY ONE GAME and they lower me more than% 10. I do not think the system works, and I do not see that you are interested in fixing it. Many friends of xbox are making new accounts to start from 0 and try to raise the rank easier … SERIOUSLY IS THIS NECESSARY?

And for what I read in “[Main] Ranking System Discussion, and Feedback” You assure the system was designed like that, and that it works well. So, why are there hundreds of players whose system “works well” does not let them rise in rank? I always look at the forum to see game information and there is not a single day that someone does not complain about the ranking system. And I also see that when someone complains about this, they close the discussion and send us to the topic Evil one (which is only a forum moderator), but this is really not helping the community.

And before the coalition or forum moderators block my Topic I want to suggest some things to you:

  • Seriously review the problem of ranges that DOES exist.
  • Find a new method to give the Skin Diamond
  • Analyze this serious problem for the gears 5
  • To take the community seriously

This I write resigned because I know it will be very difficult to get help from TC, but even so many subscribers of my YouTube channel ask me to do something to be part of The Coalition Army and creator of Gears content and so they can feel represented by someone. THANKS!

GT: Cz Turko
The Coalition Army.
MY channel youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/GamerTurko
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GamerTurko
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GamerTurko

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^This ranking ■■■■ is overrated. Massively, like a honey trap.
You don’t see, it’s matchmaking putting you into bad lobbies. Bad means, those silvers and bronze who just opened a new acc like buddies of yours giving you worthless wins with no rank jump.

Why are you people so blinded by rank as a title or sth, while matches are equal to disaster, in skill balance, in ping balance, in runaway offenders and idling chickens… Actually, everybody are trying so damn hard but into absolutely the wrong direction. TC leading the way. This nonsense must stop.

I’d said it already, complete and thorough redesign of gears purity index (GPI), contribution to the win to the team to honorable and decent play with skill no cheat in any way… must be done. Else. Else you see already.


The Halo 5 ranges are the fairest I’ve experienced. I do not think it’s very complicated to do something similar.

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I have one tip for everyone just play the game for fun. The stats don’t matter at all. If you know that you are a good player. The Win/Lose Ratio speaks for itself. Kill/Death ratio is overrated imo because we have alot of campers in Gears and it’s been there since Day 1.


I agree about playing for fun but KD may indicate skill more than W/L in this game. While W/L should be the main statistic it’s less important because you’ll never beat a stack with randoms and quitters on your team ensure defeat. I couldn’t tell you how many matches I’ve lost as an MVP due to one reason or another.

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Yup it’s happened to me losing many close matches playing solo.

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What is GPI when it’s at home?

Hey everyone…
We have a primary thread for the current Ranking System. Please use that thread to help TC keep all feedback, concern, and input in one locate.

Thank you. I will move the op’s post to the primary thread.

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