We’re is old man Marcus, savage drone?

These were very early skins in gears 4 and good skins at that. How are these not in gears 5 yet? I don’t think they are coming sad to say.

Griffin’s not in gears 4 either.

Yup him too

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It’s unfortunate of course mate, but what can you do? Anyhow, gears 5 has some great characters / skins to use.

I do agree. Even thow they left some easy good skins/characters out. Gears 5 brought so many that have not been in a gears game like ukkon, vrol, karn, rager.

uhhhhh someone must of missed the griffin pack when it came out unless you mean Gears 5 then

Yeah. I do mean gears 5. Didn’t even realise I put 4.