We need training modes

I feel like Gears doesn’t do anything to prepare players for multiplayer. If you’re coming in from campaign or horde you’re going to have a hard time. So why doesn’t the game try to train players first?


I like this idea, correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t there training grounds in Gears 2?

EDIT : There was, I remember it went through different modes, allowing newer players to get familiar with it before they start playing it against other players.

There is co-op versus

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Bots teach all the wrong skills. I’m not saying they don’t have value, but I played a lot of Co-Op vs AI to get footage for my bot video. I played with the highest level players I’ve ever seen, but they were beyond terrible.

I don’t think people need training for versus. They definitely need training for Horde classes though.

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But you’re requesting training for multiplayer before going into pvp environment. Co-op versus is just that. Most of the gametypes are so simple anyway that you don’t need a lengthy tutorial for them. Besides, the game’s UI constantly informs you what you’re supposed to do. You even have the indicator for the next ring in KOTH. Anyone will learn those things in a single match. Strategies, however, develop over time naturally by playing. Those you can’t get down in a tutorial match or two.
If bots are out of question, then why would you ask for another training mode? You could just hop into social if you wanna learn from actual players straight away. It ultimately doesn’t matter anyway how well you do in Social matchmaking. That’s what it is there for.

I can tell you didn’t watch the video :laughing:

That’s ok. My argument is that we need training for advanced multiplayer gameplay. Social and Co-Op vs AI is great for a bronze player but it’s not going to get you the skills you need for diamond.

Lol I didn’t see the video in the op on my phone. Just the text. My apologies :laughing:

Anyways, I don’t think training modes for advanced multiplayer gameplay would do too much. Hints from capable players sure are useful but ultimately skill comes by grinding the game. And the right reactions to situations come from experience. You can’t rush skill.

Also, I imagine not many would care to go through in-game training. Most people seem to be so impatient that even a minute of waiting for a match is unacceptable :sweat_smile:

Rocket league does training modes perfectly, take notes TC!


I think one of the Metal Gear had that option, but only 1 out of 500 players did the tutorial. People are not going to bother with something like that. as soon as they get the game they launch the pvp mode. A month later they probably play the campaign. You get that knowledge playing the game eventually. In this game vs noobs suckkkk so very much and its and should be understandable. That is why it has ranks is it not!? so you get play with people of your own or close skills.

EDIT: LOL…If you think about it, it’s kinna weird that you SHOULD need training to play a video game.

There are plenty videos on youtube from really good players about

  1. Specific weapons’ useage and tactics

  2. Specific game mode tactics

  3. Movement “tricks” and tactics

There is play against AI to let you experiment with things,

There is social to let you dip your feet into pvp without the sweat of ranked

And there is ranked.

I didn’t watch the OP video, so I might be missing something, but I don’t know what else is needed…

Hmmmm, people have to want to be good at Gears. It’s not a game like Battlefield or Call of Duty where you can just pick it up and be somewhat successful at it. You’re right when you say there’s a big skill gap between casuals and experienced players but that gap can only be overcome through constant playtime and the desire to be good. I don’t see a training mode getting any player ready for a “diamond” player. Only experience can do that.

However, I still like the idea of having a custom versus where you can control ammo capacity and monitor damage charts. That would be useful. Didn’t you mention some sort of idea where you can place bots and give them certain commands? I know fighting games have that option so you can practice moves and combinations. This could be useful at all skill levels.

I do have to mention that I don’t agree with having a causal game mode that removes or restricts certain mechanics. Players need to understand how the game works all round. It’s just going to be a shocker when they leave casual mode and see players moving twice as fast as they’re use to.

But overall having a very customizable versus would be cool.


I think it’s a great idea and could be like FIFA’’s training mode.

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The game could use an in depth tutorial for multiplayer as, unlike most games, the campaign/vs AI is a completely different game than pvp.

There’s no logical reasons for mechanics to exist in the game and the game not explain them.

Gears is a TPS that has the execution requirements of a fighting game, this would not be something someone expects going into it new and the die hard alone cannot sustain a franchise.


Yup! That’s actually where I learned that you could add bots for offline mp.

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That’s probably one of the best descriptions for this game I’ve seen.