We need to speak up or TC wont give us the game we want!

To any original Gears players what do you want out of the gears of war franchise and what would you recommend TC does to make sure were delivered the best gears expierence as possible. Gamemodes, gametypes, characters, skins, the campaign, multiplayer map and map design, unlockables, gamemodes, etc… please visit my other topic “give us wingman back!” For more.

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I don’t know you man but I like your thread … it has a good vibe to it and you look like a person who knows the game.

some of the things I think its important to have in a gears of war game is:

  1. A great horde experience with: editor of weapons, characters and as well maps.
  2. lots of Multiplayer Maps.
  3. the bullet animation of the lancer to be exactly as GOW 3 .
  4. the magnetism and the adhesion of the gnasher as same as GOW 4 .
  5. the gore level to be higher just like in mortal kombat of course.

I think that would work however TC doesnt have it big enough to do so… another developer could take over and do that for us man :slight_smile:

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I just want something new that feeling like gears of war. It’s always had its lil twist on things th made it feels Gearsy. Simply making all the stupid expressions u can do for gears like. A cheery thumbs up is as much backwards as you can go. Also to me gears should always have high player health so u can get into those gritty battles, where u in turn use your one hit kill weapon ( shotgun)that constant back And forth always made the game so great.
As many other say bring the gore back please. It’s what makes it so satisfying when you blow people apart. It’s not the fact I beat them it’s fact that once I people them there body is all I’ve the place and I can still kick it around, entrails and all.

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I just want a good multiplayer to play… honestly, I have only ever played gears for the versus matchmaking and out of all the previous installments. This one is by far the most boring and least rewarding to play…Gears plays way too slow at the moment and that rewarding feeling when getting a kill is no longer there for me. The Button delay on inputs in the game cause way more issues than they fix. ie. shooting and the bullet never fires or pressing A and getting stuck etcetc just alot of issues right now with the current game… just my personal opinion, i guess

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Love you all! Great opinions here let’s keep it going!

this is why the game is in the state its in , because everyone wants the game their way pulling TC in 27 different directions , this isnt burger king you cannot always have it your way


Everyone having it their way would be an impossible…burger, I mean task,


I want a memorable campaign.

If you ask me JD should be in charge of the series.

I understand gears 5 put Kait as the face so it can appease the Latin community but all BS aside make JD the badass he is.

I know people complain & argue just because he’s the son he shouldn’t get attention.

But cmon! He’s not just the son. He the son of two legends that paved The way for gears.

If it was such a big deal to make a white dude a main character should’ve made him a woman.

So with that said. I want a good story mode. Everything else is really good.

I like PvP. I like PvE.

Maybe can make some weather maps to spice up remakes. Wind flair Reclaimed was beyond better than a simple remake because people just camp.

But overall, we need a solid story mode or this game won’t go anywhere.

I’m tired of all the man hating. This game is the most manliest game ever made & it just went soft.

Bring back the muscles.

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I dont think TC can do much.

  • TC have Not money to work because the game was released on the gamepass. Imagine paying 60 bucks vs 3 USD the average cost of the gamepass with the 1 dolar + 12 months gold trick.

  • TC have not money again. With the operations and lolcontent of the shop. They barely can generate some money

  • The XBOX fat/slim is not selling anymore since 1 year ago and teh xbox-x was selling almost nothing this year. So yes

Not money = Not content

I’m not sure that is how it works. I think you will find TC,are fine and bankrolled by Big Phil and even bigger Microsoft.

As for Gears 6.
Campaign: 5 was a MASSIVE improvement on 4 sans “the” choice! I would like a bigger and longer 4 player campaign (Gears 3 managed it perfectly, J was also 4 player) also much like 3 give us arcade and mutators, it would make replaying the campaign so much more rewarding.
It should also have character and weapon skin unlocks at pivotal points during the story.

PvE: Horde needs more diversity in enemy and weapons. The enemy is improved over 4 but still lacking. Also Maybe some specific Maps with actual objectives.

Beast 2.0 but 20 waves.

Escape 2.0. Not too sure what to do there. Is a pretty good mode.

MORE! Maps, as in the count of Gears 2.
Gears 6 should launch with at least 15 maps. 8-10 new and the rest legacy…but not legacy we have had several times before and then maybe map packs of 3-4 quarterly.

I can’t see why we can’t have all previous maps. Look at Halo MCC, that has so much content…on the xb1. We will have so much more power.
Characters: unlock through milestones as in lvl 20,50,75 etc.
Legit wings (like 3)
Ranked modes:

Social modes
All the rest, full yer boots :wink:

…Locust forever :facepunch:

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