We need to now something about GEARS 6 or GEARS MASTER COLLECTION

Hello community, my name is Joseph Hammerer (GT - Joshamaru) And I think I can say that I speak for many when I say that it is only fair and necessary that The Coalition come forward with a statement on the future of the Gear of War franchise. It’s been a long time since GEARS 5 came out, a game with many flaws and yet received great support from a community that was abandoned for nothing. Do you plan to continue the saga? Is the delay due to fixing the bugs from the previous game? Why haven’t they announced something formal at least for fans of the saga? Will GEARS be canceled permanently?
Gears 5, which is the only thing we have available for many years, continues with the same flaws, complex servers to enter, difficult to find games, and since they removed the ranks, now everything is more complicated when playing, unbalanced games, etc.
In addition, a very, very important problem that I consider should be taken into account is “Multi-platform crossing”. To begin with, people who play from computers have a greater advantage and precision with the mouse and keyboard than with the joystick, apart from that, those on PC can use hacks in the game, which those of us on the XBOX console suffer, and obviously they have not been able to do nothing definitive to fix that, so it seems to me better that the PC players play with each other and it would be more balanced and if they get hacked it will be between them and the console players we can finally play more balanced and without hackers spoiling the games.

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They are not going to say anything any time soon. Better get used to it. The Coalition barely interacted with the community even when the game was being fully supported.


GOW: Marcus Fenix Collection (or whatever name it’s referred to) apparently isn’t happening. If I remember correctly Dana from TC said this sometime last year; and more recently one of the MS marketing heads (I think) so said that the rumours of it are “fake news”.

TC are currently working on “several projects” including one new IP. This is going to be their priority for the moment and will be their main project before GOW6.

Both GOW6 and this new IP will be on the next edition of the Unreal engine, and TC have spent the past year or so getting to grips with it.

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If they had left the franchise to EPIC, I could be sure they wouldn’t have let the community down in this absurd and irresponsible way.

Who do you mean by “they”?

Thing is, Epic had done estimates for development costs for GOW4 and it far exceeded what they could have pulled off without additional external investment. They had some ideas to turn it into a games-as-service model, but this was rejected by MS (who were the publisher and therefore had some clout and say in the matter). Eventually GOW was procured by MS.

People go on about Epic as if they’re God or something, but the reality is that with the cost of game development increasing, and with their own views about how to evolve the series, I doubt it would have pleased fans. But as ever the only tangible thing we have to go on is reality, people (some people anyway) resort to fantasies about what (they think) could have been.


Yeah i just wish the franchise would return back to that dark and gritty tone that Gears 1 had. No more of these bright rainbow colors man, thats not what Gears is about. These new games just dont have any weight or intensity that matches the original trilogy. And the horde is super goofy as well with all these corny abilities that make no sense. Take me back to the game mode that was barebones, you vs the locust and nothing else.



You sure about that? How many games has Epic developed since Fortnite became their cash cow? They might’ve back burnered Gears the same way Mediatonic dropped Gears POP when Fall Guys started taking off.

gears 6 at some point in time is going to happen when anybodys guest
as far as any remaster or collection , sorry folks not happening, its been said over and over again that the old games gears 1-3 use the old unreal engine and that for a reamaster to happen everything would have to be built from scratch and that would take resources and time that TC just doesnt have , its been 12 years since gears 3 released ,dont you think if a collection was to happen it would of happened by now
and do we really want TC touching the others Gears games , they can barley make 4-5 you all want them screwing up 1-3

Lets not forget MS just laid of some staff. no idea if TC were hit with this but to lose even a handful of staff would probably have a major impact on any company…

Edit: Yes, TC were hit with this lay off.


Yeah, The Coalition are estimated to have in the region of 200 staff. They’re relatively small compared to the behemoths like Ubisoft who have many teams spread across the globe (hence why they’re able to sustain yearly release cycles for series like Assassin’s Creed et al).

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The easiest thing to do is to just step away from gears, before you know it, we’ll get a new game. Will it be everything we want it to be? Probably not, but I’m gonna stay optimistic because I’d rather be excited for something rather than disappointed for something.

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Spoken like a true “Gears 1 vet since 2006”


not knowing is probably a good thing. it would so unbelievably hyped if we heard nothing, then randomly like mid August they announce the remastered collection for an early September release.

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“We’re hitting record profits. Better layoff the bottom end to keep our wallets nice and fat.” - MS/Xbox Execs, probably.

Ah but these are all self-made people who have made it to the top through sheer hard work, long hours, innovation and have definitely not exploited low-socio-economic peasants along the way!

Beautiful post, my boy.


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As for the OP, I got hints of nostalgia from your post. Mainly due to you arguing points that have been debated many a time and long ago.

Good times.

Be patient, This is the first time in Gears history that the developers have had a longer development time since the release of Gears of War 1. exactly Nine years ago on january 27, Microsoft acquired the rights to Gears of War and handed it over to The Coalition to work on gears. If you think about it, they released 5 Gears games in just 6 years after the acquisition. It was unusual and unhealthy for a big franchise to ship that many games in first five years of acquisition, particularly with a multiplayer. Right now, they have the opportunity to do more than just use the same formula and to innovate a lot more.


Apparently, MS and a lot of other tech companies overhired during Covid. MS had over 220000 employees. If it’s true that they overhired, then layoffs were sucky but inevitable.

There are other market forces at work, too. When critical sectors of the economy suffer, households cut budgets (generally starting with entertainment budgets) and leave non-critical sectors destabilized.