We need REAL custom lobbies in Horde. So both PAID lobbies + Free (no host kick--but host migrate on rage quits, default lobbies)

Update Well I guess I can’t comment to all your replies… instead it forces me to do 1 long reply.

Jesus Christ I think I did like 3 or 4 replies… and its just… hilarious.

So There is so many examples of a CHEAP gamer with EGO issues. jesus christ… :man_facepalming:.

People don’t get that it is a GREAT idea to introduce a paid system to weed out ego’s and creating a REAL custom lobbies not just hosting a REGULAR lobby… but w/e right… :man_facepalming: . Its like hosts think they have a sweet lobby by setting the abusive text in lobbies thinking people will follow or KIIIIICK.

So basically people would rather host basic lobbies with no real modification than to HAVE BOTH…wtf? I never said to take away the lobbies for the free users… no ya idiots. I said to take away host power (kick) from the free lobbies & treat it like a daily / weekly where people join etc… drop in drop out. But the idea of having a free lobby for cheap ego stroking mf’s is just stupid for TC in soooo many ways.

for one you are introducing a TOXIC environment for FREE. The way its setup is that currently the only way to play with the community that isn’t a daily, weekly or special horde event is… custom matches in which you get more power hungry hosts than the RARE ALL WELCOME (and even then its a iffy on if the host doesn’t want turrets, or needs points…)

If we do get REAL custom servers ■■■■ go all out you paid for it, and some would actually be fun… like ghost everything, only scorchers, or some ■■■■■■■■… but right now god damm… some of you mf’s think your ego has been justified with ya wallet, but … :smirk:

I still can’t believe that people… want this FREE only version… its mind boggling to not want both… till I keep remebering EGO’s… its all its cracked up to be.

Ok to be honest the daily horde is amazing (sometimes) but when you go to play a game of actual horde & not a quick frenzy…

You get all this “power” hungry people that just think they are GODS for hosting (free, lol) a lobby. It’s not that people are doing something bad most of the time its just if the host doesn’t want sentries because they have sentries then poof, or ■■■■■■■ lockers omg people go ■■■■■■■ over these even when they don’t buy them and just take over other peoples lockers and no one says anything because POOF

And you can see the lobbies with these FREE GODS LOL plaster their ‘rules’ on a lobby browser, you know its a TOXIC LOBBY from the get-go… I took a few screenshots a while back… its just pathetic… FOR FREEEE! if it was a lobby with a fun mod like big head, power drain, ghost wardens, etc… ok but c’mon its just a basic lobby with no real difference on another just the difficulty–unless its a daily lobby.

Anyways… I’ve created a few lobbies myself or had the host migrate to me & people generally FEAR the host like some of them eventually figure it out that I’m the host by looking at the kills (obviously i play solo, a few rounds in & some people join…) by FEARING the host is some would type in like so who’s host etc some will bring guns to the locker for instance I use salvo’s so they bring salvo’s, even when I have a full locker like wtf… its like a peace offering to not get kicked

again… to the GOD :man_facepalming: lol …people. :man_shrugging:

I know this post is already in the bin… etc… but TC loves money right? I mean who doesn’t?

So why not make $$$ on creating ACTUAL HOST lobbies that host can freely kick people out, add fun or hard mods, etc… or put limitations like only certain classes or characters blah blah blah… all good if they pay for the daily, weekly or monthly server.

Make it like battlefield a day server is like $1.50 for aday & for a week is 4.99, a month 19.99— this makes people ok with hey 1.50 for a day… or 5 a week pfftt… etc… and you get $$$ from this and get more fun lobbies…

This doesn’t change the daily horde because those give out CXP, gold etc… while these are just… for fun.

Now the FREE side should still reside there but implement a kick system or just like the daily join till the end or drop out (but people can jump back in etc…) but this one has no mods blah blah…

… w/e like this will go anywhere…toooo many ego babbies here (triggered?) guess TC don’t like money lol

There’s always a reason for people getting kicked. It may not be communicated but there’s a reason for everything. I mean why would a host set up a lobby just to kick people? It’s not like you get XP or skill cards out of it.

Today I kicked someone who joined as too low class; someone joined as a Striker and refused to change; a Marksman who kept taking all of the weapons (and later ammo) which wasn’t suited to their class at all, and wouldn’t take the Longshot or Markza); someone who I played with before a few times and I thought they were awful; and a couple of people I blocked so they may have been verbally abusive or racist or something. Dunno. But I previously blocked them, so they must have made a bad impression.

One time I even kicked someone from the lobby before we started because a friend messaged me asking if there was space, so I made space for a friend. It wasn’t because the person I kicked did anything wrong, just friends take priority for me.

I just remembered another time I kicked someone. They joined and immediately said “go”. I replied “pardon?” and they again said “go”. So I typed a message saying “Learn some manners. I’ll go when I’m ready to go and after I’ve checked if everyone is ready, not when you tell me to go. Now that I am done with you, you can leave” and then kicked him/her.

Being British I’m a bit of a stickler for manners and “go” just sounds rude - like a command. Hate it when people do that. If people came in and said “ready” or something, then that’s different. But barging into my house and telling me what to do? Get out and get in the sea.


This is a really bad idea.


Not even remotely a good idea. If you don’t like being kicked than either do the public horde or host your own game you have options no need to ruin the game for others.


The kick option is the one and only thing that TC got 100% right.

The amount of muppets that there are in this game is gobsmacking. I could right a whole new Jackass series based on the morons that I have come across.

If the kick option is not in the next Gears game amongst many other things I will not be buying it or downloading it even if it’s free.


That’s such a good idea. How about after this, they charge players to host custom versus lobbies?

And then TC could charge us to host Escape. Then they can implement it to the Campaign. It’ll be a wonderful experience.

What you’re suggesting is just the pinnacle of human intelligence, and it would be the death of a company if they didn’t listen to your suggestions.

I love this. I’ll have people say similar things to me, both in game and in real life, and i’m like “whats the magic word?”

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I’m honestly going to reply like that from now on. :grin:

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Warning: people find it extremely annoying.

I’m like, not my fault that you weren’t raised with decency.

I apply the same… to hosts that proceed to immediately kick you out of a lobby with zero explanation while their lobby title doesn’t have any indications they don’t want a specific class when they also don’t bother telling you why you’re thrown out. I find that to be very rude and leave them an Xbox message telling them to learn some manners, and it has also resulted in me blocking more idiots from the lobby browser than I have blocked in several years.

Host your own damn games!

I litterally can’t understand players who complain about something that so easily solved. Like to play a certain way? Host your own game. Like to play with certain classes? Host your own game. don’t want to be kicked from a game? Host your own game!

This litterally solves all your problems. This game has given you more control over PVE than any other.

Also this is the stupidest idea I have ever heard … no offence.

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My trust to such people instantly sinks anyways so I wouldn’t really care. :slight_smile:

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Players don’t get kicked for no reason.

  • Players get kicked cause the hosts amigos are coming in late.
  • Players get kicked cause they’re not willing to admit their mistakes/bad habits.
  • Players get kicked cause they are noob/low level and have no business being on that difficulty.

One of the above.

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Oh, please. I’ve had hosts kick me over the dumbest sh*t imaginable. You’re giving far too much credit to the Gears playerbase right now.

Here are some examples.

  1. “stole” a guy’s ammo box
  2. “stole” a guy’s lane (apparently I was supposed to know he always sits there)
  3. bought a scorcher for my Brawler “too early” (wave 7 or so…)
  4. bought a perk too early despite depositing 99% of my power
  5. host kept kicking a guy who was trying to mess up the match. I told him to block said person so he can’t join – I got kicked and blocked
  6. called out the host of a lobby for AFKing the better part of 15 waves. 0 damage, 0 kills – wasnt even desposting. I immediately was kicked, blocked, and apparently reported lol

Theres a ton more, but I think you get the point. And just to clarify – I’m not trying to validate the OP’s point as I think it’s terrible. Just dont pretend as if the people hosting custom lobbies are all sound, rational, and level-headed folks. They’re not.

Smart players should frag/incendary respawn. Amo boxes should be for none explosive amo players or Infiltrator.

Most random players are completely not map aware and often take incorrect positions for their role.

You got me on that one.

  1. Blocking players mid game is a terrible idea. When you do that, they can still join but they come in invisible to the host. Must block after the game. It takes time to sync up.

  2. The host is a ■■■■ for kicking you.

The host sounds like a ■■■■.

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Why do you want to increase more microtransactions in the game?

The solution you are proposing is loosely equivalent to the scenario of the Fallout 1st membership.

Remember Fallout 76? Garbage game that went even down because of microtransactions.

“16 times the detail?”
More like, “16 times the microtransactions”

Ohh and MODS…this I support.

MODS are great. hope to see the community be creative and actually do some good stuff.

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Kicking is important. It can be abused by bad people but whether a bad person kicks you or whether you kick a bad person the net effect is still fewer bad people in your life
Everybody wins!!!
Now you might think that you’re getting kicked for no reason but in reality the host may have wanted to ask you nicely to fly right first but tc rendered that option less effective so just thank them for protecting the secret and enjoy the nasty surprise which protects people from harassment. Yours was a noble sacrifice :laughing:

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What a terrible idea.

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Hey man,

For your last part about manors. I am the same. If someone joins any game I Host and I get the “Go” as soon as they come in. I kick em straight away.

Same if running Frenzy and I get the “Deposit” command. Those two are immediate Kicks in my book.

But also people who join and the Game says Mic Required and have no mic. I mean come on, those should be obvious.

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I know right! At the very least, say “please” (or abbreiviate it “pls”).

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