We need Negan as a guest character in gears 6

Just found out Negan from TWD used to play Gears before the outbreak. Make it happen TC.


Please, no more guest characters.


He seems a bit too skinny, I’m gonna be honest lol. Also, what team would he even be on?

Doomguy or bust.


I would rather them get all the missing Gears characters in the game first.

I do like that Big E is in Gears 5 though. Such a random combination of 2 of my hobbies collaborating, something I never would have thought would happen.


Negan was already a guest fighter in Tekken 7…
Let’s not do that in Gears please


I find interesting characters from other franchises interact each other but only in games such like Super Smash Bros or those anime based games like J-Stars Victory Vs or Jump Force, otherwise is just forced and lame, precisely putting those nonsense Terminator or even worse the horrendous WWE characters. If at least were video game only characters like Chris Redfield, Leon, Jill from Resident Evil or Sam Gideon from Vanquish, hell, even García Hotspur from Shadows of the Damned or Sebastián Castellanos from The Evil Within would be more interesting IMO and I would pay for them. But if I need to choose, I would prefer all Gears characters first and not repeat the same mistake with Gears 5.

We don’t “need” a guest character, you just “want” it. What are you, some alien that’s part of a hivemind?

Jokes and semantics aside, I’m gonna take the position of Gears character > out of universe feature character in terms of priority order. Of course I’d prefer none at all, but they’re appearing all over the place these days so at least go with ones that are fitting if they must be included. Aka not old Grandma Connor and bush head, or New Day wrestlers.

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His actor would be good to voice a role in the next game, but Negan? Nope.

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That episode aired ages ago, your like six episodes behind.

Rick Grimes running around with a Boltok though and Negan Smith with a Breaker Mace

An emote for Rick…
“Where’s Carl!?”


I like Negan, but no.

No 3rd party characters at all in Gears 6, just all of the lore characters from every previous game.


No thank you.

Now if Jeffrey Dean Morgon was to voice a COG soldier then let’s have it but no to guest characters.


The integrity of this franchise is absent.

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Would rather have bob hoskins but as mario.

Arggg… Stop fool ideas ! Don’t need !
Negan, and not why my little poney or ninja turtles ?

Why there are always stupid people to purpose their favorite characters of others license ?!

Thats a bit dramatic lol.

I’m not a fan of guest characters but I know I’m still playing gears.

I would rather have Helena Stroud and Carlos Santiago than any crossover character you could name.

I mean, Resident Evil characters would be kind of cool.

I wonder how Helena would sound lol.

I imagine a deeper tone than Anya or Kait. Commanding and uniform with the occasional quip.

Marcus did say she could go from Drill Sergeant to Mom in a split second.