'We NeEd MoRE MaPs'

It’s just the same tune being sung but some players in the community just want something to complain about because they’ll still just vote for the same 5 maps.
I remember when they released the maps at the start of Op 5 and I didn’t get to play on River or Regency until well into December.
I know we all want more content and whatever but developers will never be able to meet our pressing demands when we already play the game with every waking moment


A fair point, and considering the horrific things crunch does to human beings, I’m perfectly fine with waiting longer for content if it means the devs don’t have to sacrifice their health.


we need more maps

This but unironically


I dont know what game you played to have that sort of luck but those two maps specifically are my most played maps last op bar none. From the word go.

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Tough. At least my first ranked match for this season was on speyer

We actually need more maps, but they have to be GOOD maps, otherwise people will keep voting for the same old maps.

There is no new map on Gears 5 that I would consider good, decent a few but none will reach “classic status”.

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Tbh I could play Allfathers all day


Yeah if people wanted more maps they’d stop voting for gridlock only every time it’s added to gears of war.

That really isn’t the issue at all and completely isn’t true AT ALL, and trying to make it seem like those voicing the concern are just complaining or entitled is a pure TRASH move by you.

What purpose does your thread actually serve?


The map rotation is bad.

If you see Blood Drive in the voting list amongst other new maps, players are going to vote for Blood Drive anyway.

Maybe club Blood Drive amongst other old maps, Blood Drive should not appear for voting amongst other “new” maps.

I am enjoying the OP5 maps very much. I always pick those maps over Blood Drive.

I also haven’t seen Speyer in the voting screen even once during ranked matches since OP6 released.

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I think it may be good to consider not having a map rotation, but rather have all maps available again. There’s a decent list of maps, but I think the map rotation makes it feel like less

It’s a mix of a lot of maps feeling very samey - play similar, daytime setting & bad rotations.

half of them are in all honesty lmao

A good majority wants new maps BUT ONLY good OLD ports from older games.

I’m all for new maps that are fresh from TC, and trust me they made some fire maps this past op, but it takes time. I’m tired of playing maps I played for thousands of matches from old games, I want a new experience and Regency and Nexus gave that.

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All I want is the old tuning back!

OP, in most cases I would side with you in saying the community can be somewhat whiny and exacerbate minor issues on the regular.

But in this case, I have to disagree. The low output of new maps-- regardless of reasons-- is a negative that I don’t want repeated in Gears 6. Gears 4 had a much more regular output of maps to keep gameplay fresh, and Gears 5, by comparison, feels underwhelming in its output.

Now, I don’t want developers to crunch to “give us what we want”. I’m not saying this from an entitled perspective. Rather, I’m saying that the plan they put in place for Gears 5 post-release content wasn’t a good one, and I don’t want to see it repeated. The lack of maps due to Escape tiles was a bad idea. The overly long Operations that always ended up extended and delayed further made new content sparse. Map choices and uniqueness are the core of a varied experience in both PvP and PvE, and compared to what we had before, Gears 5 just doesn’t hold up.

I feel this is a valid complaint, even if some may complain in exaggerated fashion.


I dont think we need the same maps every game, like gridlock is a great map but it shouldnt be in gears 6. same goes with blood drive, checkout, and clocktower. maps gotta have a two game rule, after a map shows up in two games it shouldnt be in the next game.

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Honestly, here’s what I would do if I had creative control over Gears 6 maps:

Bring back occasional classic maps, but completely rework them. Using Gridlock as an example, what if we flooded the lower portions with a rising sea level, filled the spawn points with debris from a tidal wave that makes us all spawn much closer to the center, then open up the area past the Boomshot to give a new upper area across from Longshot spawn that could have a different weapon spawn to fight over?

I think recreating old familiar areas but not making them the same can still bring about the comfort of nostalgia while not limiting our experiences to the same old map we’ve been playing since Gears 1.

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@link_ntzelda THIS -100%. Big problem for The Coalition. Everyone saying “we want more maps”. Then new maps are added and they arent ever picked. I dont blame The Coalition for not necessarily knowing how to please people in this game. I think its at the point where people complain about the game out of habit. Their are hundreds and hundreds of people that say they are “done with the gane” every time something changes with it. And they never miss a day of playing. A bad launch set the table for complaining and its been that way ever since. Even though the game plays really really well now. Are their problems with 5. Yeppers. But every multiplayer has problems. Destiny 2 has probs. Fortnite cant roll out a new mechanic without it being bugged and removed from the game withing the first couple of days of release. And kept out of the game for weeks. Apex is constantly bugged.
And the ■■■■ people complain about. Now their is a thread where people are bemoaning the flame effect on the FFA Leader FFS. Just look for things to be grateful for instead. If gears disappeared tonight forever, id miss the ■■■■ out of it bc their isnt anything else like it. NOTHING.

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they’ll still just vote for the same 5 maps.

Get rid of the voting system.

I don’t think the ones that vode for blood drive all the time are the ones wanting more maps also.

I think it’s a matter of people wanting more maps they like. People pick what makes them comfortable.

A new map isn’t always a map you want to pick. i.e. Pahanu and Speyer. Like, Bunker is a new map we got with the launch of Gears 5 and I have never willingly picked that. That map is one of my least favorite in the history of this franchise.

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