We need fortnite guy as a guest character in gears 6

Also the default dance please TC it would be epic with a default dance emote

That’ll be the day Gears officially dies.


Spider-Gwen in gears 6? :eyes:

Beatdown execution VS default dance with music. Who wins.

The dance one would make me play with the tv muted


Average solo queue player already way ahead of you :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:


We already have pride banners anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

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Beatdown is much more toxic. The dance is just annoying.

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Actually I find the dance much more toxic.
At least the beatdown has a semi point(I’m not bothered by the execute just by the dragging out it uselessly does)

So how long second wise is that dance ?

Beatdown is intended as a troll. Dancing just gets you killed.

That’s irrelevant. How long does the dance take ?

About 15 seconds. Anyway it’s just a matter of opinion I guess.

So it is just as sucky as the beatdown because it is too long.
No matter of opinion there.
If you are offended by things unknown people do in game that is on you.

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I agree. That’s part of playing any public multiplayer anything.

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I have the blow horn emote and use it every time I down someone.

I have no clue who your talking about

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You’re :sunglasses:

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You are a grammar Nazi.

Not usually.

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