We need bonus after General

Ive reach General rank since a few days now and the medals and objectives are useless now. So I was wondering if they can had bonus level for exemple: every 10 stars you get 10k xp, Or objectives should give xp after reaching general.

The Medals aren’t useless. Getting 6/6 or 7/7 gives exclusive unlock reward.

Your screenshot shows 27/52.

I’ve done 50/52 and at Colonel III. So I can keep on progressing, without really having spent real money Iron.

That’s why it might be better off not spending earned or paid Iron to boost to General. It may not be that satisfying.


You can reach General without paying which clearly you’ve boosted your gains with so many people already complaining about the length it takes to finish tour of duty without paying it’s unlikely that they’d introduce some sort of additional pay mechanic to it especially when they sell boosts for experience it’s unlikely that they’d give some sort of alternative to that in the form of paying for more tour of duty to straight buy experience in essence and pay enough you’ll eventually run into the cap for experience too where currently re-ups are pretty unrewarded by sentiment as a whole a single skin for each re-up and there are 20 of them with the re-ups not displaying properly right now either.

They already sell skins in the store for Iron.
They already sell experience boosting mechanics in the store.
You’re not required to buy rerolls on the Tour of Duty to reach the rewards that’s a decision to speed progress or be able to skip more days than a free player can and still achieve max stars.

There really doesn’t need to be a bonus after reaching General since you can already buy pretty much anything they could conceivably give out as one in the store and you don’t have to buy rerolls and could just buy the other items instead.


You mean there’s a lack of content in this game… Even if there’s a tour of duty system.