We need AZURA back

That nap was so bright and beautiful and a good layout. We need a map like this in gears 5

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I think we need more dark maps tbh.

Allfathers shines with the light of a thousand suns, and we’ve got a ton of maps that are bright as they tend to be set outside during daytime like Training Grounds, Vasgar and Icebound.


Could do a modern-day derelict version of Azura?


That doesn’t sound like a bad idea. I’m just tired of seeing super happy fun time day maps and would like to see some desolate-state maps.

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I think we just need more maps in general. And hopefully TC wont cheat us with Operation 3 “The sh^t that should have launched”


So true.

But my hopes of TC delivering are at 0 at this point. I’m not even stressing or thinking about it anymore, as I know TC does what TC wants to do, which is give us the bare minimum, and I don’t think anything’s going to change that at this point.



Yes I agree. Better map design would be an amazing thing to happen for us.

TC should do a “How to lose your player base in 5 easy steps” workshop


They can turn it into a book. It’ll easily be featured and endorsed by Oprah for sure.

Depths would look really good so would cove


At this point I’ll take any ■■■■■■■ maps, even Hail or Overpass.

I agree with the aesthetic of the map, but what makes you say it had a good layout? I always found Azura to be one of the worst maps for camping, spawn trapping and game time-outs personally.

Oooo, might want to rethink this one. :upside_down_face:

Maybe I just enjoyed the corridors and outdoor sections of the map. There isn’t to many gears maps like it

I think you can make things happen on Azura more than some others at least. It’s one of those middle of the road maps IMO. Team has to be really playing bad to get spawn trapped with any frequency

Spawn protection could last long enough to make something happen at home snipe vs. another notorious spawn trapping map like Bullet Marsh.

map was too bright, needs to be darker. lol. always reminds me of that infamous IGN review of pokemon “too much water”

There were what, 24 maps in Gears 4? We will see the majority of those, maybe one “new” remake, and a couple of TC new maps. That’s all folks.

10 at launch, and 24 extra DLC maps.

TC have said that they intend to release fewer maps and accepted that with the GOW4 commitment for the season pass was biting more off than they could chew. Who knows how many we will get for GOW5 or at what frequency? I just hope we get new maps rather than just remakes. If we do get remakes, I’d prefer maps we didn’t have in GOW4, just so there’s some semblance of freshness to them.

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Interesting point, re number of maps by the end of Gears 5 life. Are we assuming 2022 ?

I think we will be lucky to have had 20. and by maps I mean traditional multiplayer maps, not Boxes or ffa. If those 20 I hope they are just not ports from 4.

Hail was funnnn hahaha