We need an answer about Anya

Im assuming everyone reading those knows about Anya. I was caught pretty off guard because one game she was alive and then the next she’s gone. We don’t even know what happened to her. We’re gonna be two games into the new trilogy and it seems like the devs forgot all about her. I didn’t appreciate the sudden death of an important character like her and I really didn’t appreciate playing through an entire game without any answers. You’d think that the coalition would’ve had Marcus say what happened, or better yet JD when kait puts on her armor. But nope. Not a single thing. You guys think we’ll get answers in 5? Or the book even? People keep saying that she was unable to have kids but she had JD so I don’t see that as the reason.


It was fertility program that helped Anya have JD. It was explained in Ascendance book. But no details on what happened to Anya.

It could be childbirth? Who knows. Even I would consider the Gears 4 trailer of Anya as something that might never have happened.

Huh. Well you learn something new every day. Well with that put to rest we still need a solid answer. If the tomorrow trailer was real and not just a dream then what happened to her? This is a plot hole that could’ve easily been dealt with at the beginning of four.

A plot hole is not a plot hole just because you don’t explain something. That’s just not explaining something.
Given that JD seems to have known Anya, it’s quite apparent the she didn’t die until after JD was already old enough to start having memories which means the Tomorrow trailer could’ve happened.


Either way we still need an answer. I feel like this was laziness on their part.


TC 1: Hey guys! Let’s make a scene where Marcus tells JD what happened to Anya.
TC 2: Pfft!
TC 3: I can’t be bothered.
TC 4: It’s too hard.
TC 1: Fine. Let’s do something easier.

Bruh… this is not how it went down.


Who knows what happened when discussing Anya.

I’d guess they’re saving it for future moment. Maybe it’ll get revealed in Gears 5. Marcus or Jinn has to know something. Maybe JD knows but he hasn’t opened his mouth yet,

Here’s hoping man. I just want some closure. If you’re gonna kill off one of the og characters at least say why.

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It’s probably a mystery right now on purpose. What with this new story being about Kait discovering her connections with Myrrah and Marcus being somewhat closely involved with her, My theory is that Anya’s death is somehow related to a conspiracy involving Jinn and her programs, and we’ll be hearing what that is from Marcus in the new game, which will lead to some kind of “why didn’t you tell us earlier?” moment.

…if they didn’t say anything bout Anya at all, though, I would definitely be disappointed too.

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I really hope so. I feel that this story is geared more towards kait and Marcus’s history with her gma. If nothing gets brought up at all I’m gonna be annoyed.

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I have all the patience in the world to find out about Anya. But people have been wondering about the origins of Locust Horde and Myrrah, that happened waaay long ago. And the connections to New Hope Facility. Anya’s death was more a recent thing. So which would have higher priority to know about? Although they could just reveal info on both.


With Anya they could bring her up within the first few chapters. They have an entire game to explore the origins of the locust and myrrah.

It can’t have been from childbirth. Anya was around for some of JD’s childhood. There’s a trailer showing Anya with JD as a child (possibly around 7-8 years old?)

I wonder if it was before he went to boarding school? Maybe her death was what instigated the decision to send JD off?

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The book shows us this is most likely not what happened. I am super curious to find out what happened. I’m hoping they will use this topic for a scene with JD and Marcus to connect us to JD more.

There’s no doubt they’ll explain it at some point, she won’t just be forgotten about. Patience.

It’s more important that we hear about the Locust Origins and of course, respectfully, Queen Myrrah.


Unless it’s done “wrong”. Sometimes mystery is better than having a solid explanation that couldn’t possibly tie it all together.

I’m really not sure how all the different creatures could be neatly tied in a bow to New Hope or anything really.

Edit: my personal opinion is they may allude to what happened to Anya, but they will save the details for a future possibility.

I would imagine at some point after Gears 6, we will have a game that goes back in time.

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A couple of people hinting at what was or may be in the book, I’d caution about potential spoilers for those who haven’t had a chance to read the book yet.

But yeah, we need to hear more about Anya.

Might wanna watch the spoilers there. A good read though?

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In the game one of the collectables talking about the removal of the locust bodies was signed off by Anya, maybe her death relates to that.

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