We need a remaster of Gears 3

I’m amazed by the lack of “Gsarheads” that don’t play 3. I think there is a hard core community of about 100 KOTH players who play regularly of those and this no exaggeration I would say 95% are from Mexico.

Every other game can be unplayable but I just keep searching until I get a good connection, once that is sorted it is the best Gears experience by a mile…for me at least… It is also the one Gears game where I can actually “play a bit” :slight_smile:


Yes mate definitely, it’s still so smooth considering how old it is. Makes gears 5 look like a kids game as well.

Is very hit and miss with the connection as you say but worth the wait.


Gears 3 is great, but a remaster is pretty unlikely in my opinion; at least in near future. Gears 3 was built in Unreal Engine 3, which means they would need to port it to UE4. Porting it would require a lot of work (e.g. converting Unreal Script implementation to Blueprint/C++ in UE4), and I don’t think it’s something they would be able to take on during the development of Gears 6. The only way I could see it happening is if they either outsource development, or put their focus on the remaster over a mainline title.


yeah, it is in a very poor state right now for no good reason


NO! Just a frame rate update…anything else and they’ll just turn it into 5 agaim

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I wish they would remaster the OG trilogy kind of like the masterchief collection did for halo but I do not think they would ever do that considering the workload it would need I mean look at Gears 5 they outsourced quite of bit of the development. Then again their work on UE was amazing.

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Was the xbox1x 4k graphics enhancement update for it not enough? Looks great and plays right.

This would be my dream come true

Gears 5 isn’t abysmal.

I’d rather have a perfect gears 6 than a 3 relaunch.


Gears 2 first xd

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Don’t agree with the first sentence.
Gears 2 and 3 for PC pwease, I am not going back to the xbox sorrz
I’ll actually take a straight port, I just want to play the single player campaign.

See if we’re gonna get an attempt at a real fast Gears game with limited delays, I’d just prefer a Gears 3 remaster. The lancer, retro, & hammy are beyond OP tho. TC did amazing with UE I’m sure they could with Gears 3 UE too.

And I’d love to have my golden hunter back.

Gears 3 is pretty much the Modern Warfare 2 of the series. Debatably the best game in the series with every weapon being very strong overall which made it have more variety and more fun. Nothing should be touched or it will just be a game pretending to be Gears 3. The only things that need to be done to it is bug fixes and put a fire rate limit to the Hammerburst similar to what they did to the Markza so people don’t cheaply shoot ridiculously fast

Mostly agree but I detect a conflict within your own argument.

Gears 3 was definitely the best as far as gameplay but id rather see a Gears 2 remaster for the campaign, gore, and maps. A graphical upgrade with some tweaking to the mechanics would make 2 legendary.

If they were to remaster Gears of War 3 they need to leave all of the movement and weapon tunings as-is. Modifying any of these opens Pandora’s box and would ultimately create an abomination. They don’t know how to tune a game in a meaningful and effective manner so don’t touch what’s not broken.

I could see the argument for a fire-rate cap on the Hammerburst since you’d be introducing that mechanism to PC or Xbox players using KBM. If they were to put any regulation on that I would hope that it is so high that you really can’t pull it off with a controller. Though once again, I reiterate my point above that it is a slippery slope.

The only changes they should make are additional cosmetics and such. Bring in some of the newer characters and a couple of the Gears of War 4 or Gears 5 maps (that weren’t complete trash). They could charge for all these additional skins as a way to keep revenue coming in and I’d be fine with that.

This would allow them to focus solely and pumping out maybe a couple of maps and a ton of character skins while not having to balance the the game. I’ve said before with all the turnover they’ve had and the failures that Gears 5 has endured they need to prove themselves once more. What better way to get back to the drawing board than to recreate the majesty that Gears of War 3?

The Hammerburst is really the most strong rifle in Gears 3 because of the fast trigger pull. It’s need to have a similar rate of fire trigger pull limit like the Markza but not too heavy of a limit so that it’s not gutted to the ground like TC keeps doing with the Lancer in Gears 5

Hi all. If anyone is interested I have just added a Gears 3 club on xbox (just check my profile on Xbox and you will find) . Lots of Gears clubs but not many active Gears 3 ones.

Might be a nice place to visit for those of you (me included of course) that believe Gears peaked with the sublime third entry. from time to time.

Might see you there :+1::facepunch: I play KOTH almost daily.

I agree 100%…ill go even further! Gears 2 with all its problems is still a better game than Gears 4 & 5…