We need a remaster of Gears 3

I have installed Gears 3 recently because the state of gears 5 is simply abysmal.

Aside from the lag and a few niggles, Gears 3 stands head and shoulders above Gears 5 and it’s a decade old.

We either need Gears 6 to take Gears 3 engine and improve it for implementation or we need a straight remaster of Gears 3 with a few tweaks and modern matchmaking.

That game feels like a Gears game, it has a Gears soul, you can feel it and appreciate the work that went into it. Gears 5 feels like a shambolic smorgasbord of all the cookie cutter ‘popular’ games.


Give this man a cookie :cookie:.

Well said, it’s a masterpiece of a game. Played it everyday for about 6 years. Same content, characters, etc, but the game’s that good it didn’t need it to be enjoyed.

Heck, if they even updated the original with at least 60fps then I’d be happy.

I can’t see it happening, but an Ultimate Edition would be outstanding. Queen Myrrah in crisp 4K in all her glory!


Yeah man 100% even 60fps with dedicated severs I’d take it.


I just want PC ports of original Gears of War games with improved frame rate, a custom horde lobby search funtion like Gears 5 and bug fixes like the Rustlung and Dephts maps freezes when you pressed a certain button or piano repeatedly or the infamous stats reset.
Gears of War 3 is the best in the franchise by far, the best moments on my gaming history was there, I met friends and played a lot with my best friends no matter if we lose a versus match, best maps in terms of artistic design and gameplay, their architecture in buildings, the beautiful atmosphere by its illumination, not this Gears 5 generic maps except Nexus, Regency and MAYBE some old Gears maps remakes.

Some who doesn’t want a remaster or port I don’t care, I would like those games on PC mainly, I don’t mind live in the past if is playing the same titles over and over again, what pisses me off is when they sell a “new” game but recycling stuffs from older games but worse implemented, if I’m gonna play the same again, I’ll play that old game instead.

I enjoyed playing versus on Gears of War 3 with copper Internet, 1 Mbps download speed and less than 512 kbps upload speed, now with Optic Fiber, 30 Mbps download speed and 15 Mbps upload speed the versus on Gears 5 is the worst what I played, and I played a lot of online games, Battlefield 3, 4, 1, almost every CoD, every Unreal Tournament iteration, Quake, etc. despite the high ping always on any match, the horrible tuning and constant changes on the tuning, isn’t a pleasure to play versus and avoid It.

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I want it and at the same time i don’t.

I wish there was some kind of spreadsheet that could outright show us the speed/delay times and damage differences between 3 and 5. Then i could accurately put my finger on why i have never played any of the newer games and enjoyed them as much as 3 (when it comes to MP)

Nostalgia goggles off, the gears 3 retro was an abomination though.


Yeah as I said with a few tweaks it’d be incredible.

.Retro no longer a starting weapon or massively nerfed.

Modern dedicated sever matchmaking.

At least 60fps and that hideous camera shake when roadie running fixed.

Slightly less stopping power.

Apart from that I’d be very shocked if anybody being completely honest would think gears 5 is a better game.

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Gears Series has proven to consistently be a hot mess from console to PC
PC still gets hot
Framerate similar to the series X NOW
The Legendary random Crash in Gears 4 which only got fixed near the end of its lifespan
and maybe a few other things I’m missing
I can certainly say I can’t expect anything more from Gears 6
It’s a console game for sure
atleast 5 runs better than 4 I think

For The Queen!

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It felt like that game had an emphasis on fun and not this sweaty bs that TC is trying to push
I’m thinking about emulating it

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GOW4 is basically GOW3 remastered.


It’s really not, although it is in a good place, apart from my connection it would seem!

The only thing we need is gears of war 3 horde mode.

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Oh that made me nervous for a second


Gears 3 horde with Gears 5 class system? I’d be happy with that, Heck I’d be happy to play Beast Mode in HD.

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Knowing TC they’ll ruin it like they ruin everything else. I love the idea though. Gears 3 with modern tweaks would be amazing.

(I will give credit where credit is due, they DIDN’T ruin UE, that’s one of the only things they didn’t ruin though)


Not that I’m the biggest fan, but they did not ruin UE. Probably their most polished work for me.


Idk man the last two times they’ve introduced her to 1080, 4k 60fps everyone has a laundry list of complaints about her face and/or hands.

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Loved Gears 3 for the maps, beast mode, arcade mode for campaign and horde to a lesser extent due to it’s over reliance on the silverback.

My only complaint would be that i think it was that point where the storytelling became more Hollywood blockbuster style and moved away from cult classic b-movie feel of the first 2 campaigns, which i preferred.


I’ve been playing 3 lately and it’s crazy how good it still is


That’s because the morons in charge of character models feel the need to change her facial structure from the perfection it was in UE.

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