We need a Ranked Friendly-Fire Playlist

I would seriously love the option to play a ranked playlist where friendly fire is enabled. It would be awesome to see how great teams really perform when they can no longer just throw a grenade or boom in the middle of a group of players and have it only blow up members from the other team. And that goes the same for every other weapon in the game.

Plus too, it would make all those friendly fire dialogue from the characters actually relevant to the game. Let’s see how good players and teams really are when their weapons dont discriminate.


we do?.. im open for the idea of new game types and stuff but ik i deff wouldnt be playing this lol. me and my friends would deff get annoyed…

however i think they should bring back gow 1 search engines where you basically can find custom private games. wouldnt be ranked but atleast you have variety and options to play.

Remember when friendly fire was on in Escalation a while back. Didn’t go so well :smiley:

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All I can see is getting cross mapped by Timmy who can’t tell if I’m a human wearing armor or a literally deformed underground creature


That way everyone can complain about getting teamkilled and demand bans for that too! sounds great!

This would be a troll’s dream come true. Then it’d just lead to more quitting and bickering over weapons.

Nah fam, throw that in private with custom tuning.

Edit- just wanted to clarify, I’m not bashing the idea. I just see more cons than pros with this being a ranked playlist.

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Yea if you to play a game with friendly fire go play some halo or minecraft

It’s called Hype Exe

yeah im sorry keela maybe at first it was a good idea but it kinda sucks when its shot down. like i said earlier joinable private games would be dope!

It’s funny, I tried to change my gamerpic to using the warden like you have now, but I gave up after not getting the best frame screenshot to set it so I just went back to anime lol. Looks pretty dope though, I might try again.

i did it on the app was pretty easy but i know what you mean usually i have my real pic on

There’s enough of those trolls that trap you in the truck on Raven Down because you got grenades or even on Dam if you pick up sniper and they want it they’ll trap you if you enter the truck bed. Enable team killing and if you got the weapon they want they’ll team kill you for it. Sadly that’s how toxic this community is.

Also, just imagine someone who’s losing and is about to quit. They may kill their whole team before leaving just to grief players, I wish this was a shot in the dark but truth is you all know I’m right, lol.

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I dont think Gears is mechanically cut out for this. Gears is a close quarters, big explosion, in your face type of game. Friendlies in the line of fire are practically part of the game. There arent alot of wide open spaces for dodging teammates or getting out of the way of hectic gnasher battles. I imagine teams either wiping each other out, or teams that never move and hide behind cover because theyre too afraid to do anything. Either way I dont see it being a good time.