We need a one-stop place for information

That’s fine if they do.

They can make Twitter the official place if they like.

Just don’t make this the official place and spend more time elsewhere.

Once again, people will be where the devs frequent most. Not vise versa.

Excellent points, as always. I mentioned this same thing twice, once on the old forums for Gears 4 and once at the launch of Gears 5 when they were having issues. To further illustrate why this is needed, I’ll summarize what I wrote the first 2 times.

  1. There is no single source of info for all of Gears. These are the places where Gears info is currently being put out by the Devs: Forums (rarely), Twitter, Reddit, in-game announcements, Facebook, and their weekly Dev Stream (I’m sure there’s more). The problem also lies in that the same info is not put out in each medium.

Case in point: The first Christmas for Gears 4 there was a skin to collect for logging in on one of 2 days. That was announced on the Gears page as well as the log-in splash screen for Gears 4. Come the day to collect and people are wondering where the skin is (was supposed to be the 23 and 28th I think). Turns out that one of the old Community Managers had tweeted out that the date had been changed and now it was just 1 day, on the 29th now. But the old dates were still present everywhere else. No one had updated them and not everyone saw the tweet. Not a big deal, right? Except the date to collect was now after the 2 original dates, so it sounded like a perfect troll opportunity and no one knew what to believe because TC never put out the info in all locations. Or even in their official forums or anything. And don’t get me started on why there’s even an Official Feedback program that you can sign up for if it never gets used.

  1. At the launch of Gears 5 there was a bug (surprise!) in Escape that was accidentally discovered by players where enemies would despawn if you progressed past that point and then died (so after you reloaded the checkpoint then you could sprint to the end without fighting anything). People discovered this because Escape on Inconceivable without leveled up characters was hard. So what did TC do? Fix the bug and promise they’ll do better? Nope. They threatened everyone who had done the glitch with a ban or other punishment that they hadn’t determined yet. I brought it up on the first Dev stream that if they went through with the plan then Octus would have to be banned as well since he’d done the glitch. I asked why TC didn’t have a published list of known bugs that they were working on with a warning that people who continued to exploit it would be punished. That would at least be fair. Of course, Dana started reading the question and then stopped and said they’d forward it to the team.

TC has said they would focus on transparency more in Gears 5 after all the blowback from Gears 4 (especially the Lambent debacle). But I asked for some background on their decisions, especially the ones where TC said it was based on ‘fan feedback’ and TC refused. I suggested they do something like use the Official Feedback program to gather feedback and then publish a summary of the feedback, like a chart showing a summary of how many players wanted a suggested change. That way we could see if the feedback actually reflected the change proposed.

As it is right now, I feel like TC is just making whatever changes they want and cloaking in the guise of ‘based on fan feedback’ to justify doing whatever they want. If TC truly wants to be more transparent they should implement something like what you and I have suggested.

Let’s see if they respond. @TC_Andius @TC_Robbo


This is the same thing that 343 did with Halo 5. They would announce news and updates everywhere else but there forums. Of course they made a post saying that they heard the community and would start updating everyone more on the official Halo forums but that didn’t last long.

TC also said on live stream that they would communicate with the Horde community more on the forums, but again, that didn’t last long.

So even if they say they are going to come to the forums more and post updates, I wouldn’t expect them to continue doing it.

I loved it when the MP guys posted the playlist popularity week on week, and they had a discussion on the thread. Yeah, we didn’t get numbers, but we had a solid middle ground. Shame they don’t do it anymore.

I would like to see something similar here. TC are obviously not going to post population numbers, but it would invoke a little more discussion between devs and people on the forums.

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they use the forums ,twitter, facebook ,redditt ,twitch , everything is out there if you know where to look but having the info in one place would make it much much easier , it use to be the forums was the go to place back in the day ,but TC has seemed to move away from the forums

Gears Utility has some of what you want in it …lets see if we can talk to ProGear and see if we cant have him add some more if possible

Gears Utility


I should add that I also use Jay’s app to tell me when skins are available for esports streams, as well as for when info releases.


I agree the forums are severly lacking. These forums are the biggest place to share information, have discussion, provide feedback, etc. What good is a quick Twitter post or a post with a link to the website? Also, the website isn’t being updated as frequently either.

Has anyone looked at the history of Dev posts? It’s lacking massively

It would be really nice if someone from TC like @TC_Andius were to chime in and say topics like this have at least been relayed to someone that will review.


As of a couple of days ago on desktop a menu is up the top where news feed is selectable. It doesn’t contain twitter or reddit responses but does have the blogs published on their website.

It isn’t perfect, but it is a start.

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Per your request, a thread about trying to get a one-stop catch all that we’ve already had. No point reinventing the wheel since there’s an existing thread on the matter.

Just an additional thought about the “where to have the catch all”. Just because people don’t go to a specific location (twitter, dev stream, trello, etc) now, that doesn’t mean we would not start if there was content there that was of interest to us. To quote a movie “ if you build it, they will come.”

Agreed. Tc themselves said the forums was their main homestead or wht ever you want to call it.
Not everyone uses twitter, fb,Instagram etc etc.
My social media is YouTube ONLY

And I see it’s from enough months ago that the rest of the community didn’t really embrace anything that was set out.

So either, you want us to remove every other community outreach and be inaccessible to users that rely on those, or what?

I get what and why. But you are still failing to see a How.

I never said anything about getting rid of other avenues. I’m just trying to champion a collection point for info. That’s not unlike how there’s a central avenue for submitting bugs and tickets, even though they are discussed in other avenues.

And as you’ll note often on the forums, having bugs brought up here means they rarely get to their central destination, in fact, it has to be mentioned to those posting bugs here to send them to Support.

Sorry, but no, we go to the community where the community is. We have a stop for information. It’s the News Link at the top of this very web page - https://gearsofwar.com/news/ - which has been around during all this. It may not say everything, but it’s what updates we can give when we can give them.

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