We have new maps!

Oh wait , it’s just maps we’ve already played before .
Seriously tc we want 5 brand new maps not remakes.
You’ve killed operation 5 already with stupid decisions you’ve made for ranked players
You’ve made it a easy choice for me to go play other games . That people have a put a lot of effort into like . Cyberpunk.


Stop complaining you even didn’t saw the 5 map they are adding. And talk about cyber punk but is still not available and delay so wait to play before make it big cause you don’t know what you gonna get.

It’s easy to complain all the time about TC, but stop, wait and see. They are working on it and trying to do their best. Give a shot to op 5 and they you can complain.

And complain that you don’t get 5 brand new map, it’s a bit disrespectful for the Escape player who have been sacrificed that you can play 5 new maps in op 5


Yeaaaah I agree that roasting TC anyway is cheap , but hey , 5 recycled Maps is still kind of a let down.
Of course , we’re getting River which is kind of cool and haven’t seen for a lot of years , but , really , it’s still 5 recycled Maps from previous games.
It’s the same kind of cheap.
I’ve been playing a lot of Checkout these days and yep , the games are intense and overall enjoyable , but I’m still playing a Gears 3 map that I played over and over for years , I get hella bored of it.
I don’t want to play it , because I know the drill , it’s same old story over and over.
Same for Blood Trail , Gridlock , Raven Down all these maps that I played till boredom.

I mean , new Maps are always welcome.
They just should try to make them look a bit different.
I loved the way they totally reskinned War Machine in 4 … Same old story , but at least different enviromentals.
I will always root for brand new Maps.
Hurrahee for Diner , Speyer , Glory!


I completely agree you point, this is a good critic and that I « accept it », this is constructed comment. I’m somebody who ‘s happy out of nothing, and sometime I’m just done of all does people crying with their mouth full for nothing really important…


As far as I’m aware we only know what two out of the 5 maps are, yes they were in gears 2 but a majority of players have asked for this, all I’ve seen is “RIVER” 10,000x, now we have that and what looks like ruins or highway people still complain, at least wait till op5 is actually out before you verbally curp stomp TCs efforts, I’m pretty sure Dana said in one of the streams they are trying to focus on brand new maps anyway, but the decent classics are highly requested by the community, be glad they haven’t slipped Gridlock in AGAIN.


Uhhh what are you talking about dude? They only showed 3 out of 5 maps so far. The only returning map I’ve seen is River and that’s okay because it wasn’t in gears 4 and everyone’s been begging for it since gears 2. Another map is set in the capital building of New Ephyra from Act 1 of the campaign. Definitely a brand new map.

The other brand new map is down in the Hollow and yes it looks similar to ruins/highway but that’s just because they’re all set in Nexus. I don’t remember ever being able to see Myrrahs palace in the background of any of the Gears 2 maps in the Hollow and none of those areas shown are easily recognizable.


I get your frustration with the Constance of recycling.

I don’t appreciate it.

So far I’m pleased with the content.

A complete 180 from launch.

Still detest how they butchered all the ranked modes that stood over 10 years…

TDM is unplayable … could’ve at least made that squaded & id be content.

But butcher king too?

Damn shame.

Speak for yourself I’d rather have Ruins/Highway and River than almost any map from TCs era of gears.


BTW it’s not 5 Recycled Maps anyways… at most it’s 4 lol but just wanted to be the smarta$$ to point out the 2nd map shown in the trailer is 100% new, so not 5 Recycled

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It’s not here yet and we don’t know what the other 2 maps are yet, so it’s not safe to say that yet :rofl:

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Classic Maps are better than the new maps.

Just saying :wink:

You’d rather have Pahanu than River? Again classic maps any day of the week.

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I would rather have pahanu than river.

I actually appreciate new maps.

Yeah, I know I’m rare when it comes to content.

I love ice bound.

Too often I play the same stuff I been playing for years so fresh content is a huge plus.

I didn’t mind PvP in Pahunu. I mean playing blood drive & checkout you appreciate Pahanu a whole lot more.

Then again depends on the quality of players you versus anyway but from experience I can’t go anywhere without being solidly crossed so I’m just a custom to it.

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But we are not getting 5 maps we have played before, at the very least one is new, likely to be two. One is a wonderful Legacy map, that has been requested for years, the other 2 probably pulled from 4, which assuming they will have no visual makeovers is a shame.

The thing is most of us DO want legacy maps, probably as a ratio of 2 or 3 new ones to 1. We have such a wonderful collection of maps we have only seen once.

I love the idea of the next few Operations being based on previous Gears. Almost like map packs.

TC did a wonderful job with UE 's original maps, happy to play them again, I know they were predominantly for 4v4 but the remakes we did get in 2 and 3 of them worked.

I play Gears 3 several times a week and can tell you Depths,Cove,Artillery, Academy etal would go down a storm in 5.

Let’s at least wait and see what we get before getting all despondent.


Unless it happens to be a revamped recycle, ala Gears 3 Jacinto or Gears 4 War Machine.

I’d take legacy maps maps all day long. I miss those old playgrounds and i’m excited about playing new gears on them, especially River. Horde now to horde then…completely different.

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I’d rather both, I like the old boys but always welcome new maps and gears still know how to create some good ones


I don’t mind having new maps as long as they’re actually decent, glory, speyer and dawn were actually decent and look physically good to the eye…

I personally would like them to add Stasis and see it in the new engines glory, a lot of the new hope assets from the campaign would make this map look great, multiple stasis tanks and maybe a locust drone or the niles bot as an easter egg??? That map was so underrated, I really believe adding areas from the campaign is a big deal and I feel that’s what played a part in how gears 2 maps were so good personally…

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It’s new, cause it’s from the Tweet. The other 4 maps in that tweet were Gears 5 Maps :wink:

1: District
2: Map in question
3: Exhibit
4: Icebound
5: Reactor

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These are not be maps , they are REMAKES …
Literally playing the same maps every time a new gears game comes out . Pointless lazy development .

Only two out of the 5.