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We have a ping limit of 250ms in matchmaking

Found on Reddit:

Not sure if the pings stabilized or whatever as the Reddit author hasn’t provided more info yet, just found it amusing


Yeah the ping usually spikes when loading into the map, if everyone had score that’s when to be worried

Even for a lag spike that’s flippin mental.

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I call BS on their ping limit.

I posed screen shots of someone with a stead 6900 (yes, 6,900ms) ping going through all the stages: lobby creation, validation, loading into a game, starting a game, and then leaving/lagging out in the game.

The argument if "ohh, we only check during matchmaking so if their ping spikes up during the game we don’t control thstx is pure BS. This person had almost a 7 SECOND ping all during the matchmaking process and was allowed in and loaded into a game…


I guess they watch eachothers streams everybody having 9 twitch tabs up