We have a 100 wave Horde variant now!

Does anyone know what it is? I’m assuming it’s a 100… it’s definitely more than 50 (see, these guys were on wave 51, so it must be more than 50 :slight_smile: )

Nah, it’s an old visual glitch, I suppose they are in match’s result :wink:


ok :slight_smile: I had never seen it before …


Horde is long enough. I don’t see many people sitting there for 6 hours playing one horde match


I had seen it before! And there are the 0/5 lobbies, too! :slightly_smiling_face:

Instead of a 100 wave variant, it would be better a horde with larger amount of enemies and larger ammo boxes… that would do it .

It’s not humanly possible to play a game 6 hours without going to the bathroom or eating some snack hahahaha :smile:

That’s where you’re wrong, homeboi

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wow man … in that case my respect man hahahahaa you surely pass a lot of times on games then hahahaa :slight_smile:

OP… maybe next time you should put your title in the form of a question…

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That would partially defeat the sarcasm intended therein :wink:

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Or next time try to put a sarcasm face after the title! :smirk:

It is not a glitch, it is made on purpose for game to properly track stats for players, if the game would end at wave 50, it would not count the map as finished(you played 49 full waves and quit before 50 wave ends), for the same reason you start at wave 0 to properly start and play 50 waves, not 49.

Fixed it for you, my friend.

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