We have 7 maps for multiplayer?!?!

So we have barely any variety for online it’s ridiculous. I played that map icebound like 5 times in a row and it’s a FN lancer war for like 15 min. What I’m gettin at is give us the maps that are in private like reclaimed, foundation, dam, and forge. Bring them to online!!!


Who cares about maps when there is an incredible lack of depth to balancing mechanics.


I can agree with this too but the balance you are looking for will come in time so isn’t it better to get something more then to wait ?

I mean it’s crucial to having a good time. I recommend trying gears UE, it’s a far superior multiplayer title .


Bruh I been on gears since 06 I have played every gears game


How many gears of war games have you played kid.

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Lack of balance is pretty much par for the course with every Gears release ever. Gears 2 for example had a TON of updates for weapon balance.


Boomshield glitch w Gnasher…

Oh the good times


I just don’t like the maps at all :man_facepalming:t5: they could have done so much better, Its like there’s no depth to the map, u sit in one spot and lancer till u feel they have to move to another spot, there all small, there’s no real open area that u can safely move around on any map because the lancer downs u in literally 1 second, it’s just terrible

That’s not a map problem. That’s the Lancer being to OP problem. Almost everyone agrees the Lancer is too OP.

Chill 7 maps is a tad low. Player matches are still MP matches! Extra maps…they will release Dam, Foundation, etc. Soon. New maps in a couple months. New maps which are free btw. Have a little patience!

That’s sir is incorrect, those are private maps. Maybe do alittle research before spouting off nonsense

Private…no. I said those maps are available in player matches! Never said public…duh

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Oh boy, he busted out the " I’ve been playing since 06" line :rofl:


@l_l_C_L_O_W_N_l We got another one here!


Lmao. All hail the mighty 06ers

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Yep kinda ridiculous for a AAA game to release with only 6 maps, and most are pretty badly designed IMO. Oh well, that’s today’s gaming industry for ya.

At least the DLC will be free for all. I can’t really gripe about it too much. I have gears 5 through game pass ultimate. It’s the first gears game I didn’t actually go out and buy physically. There’s definitely a lot of bugs to fix in this game though. The A.I. could use a little work as well.

A couple of months is a long time in the life of an online shooter like gears, we could use those 4 private maps going public.
BTW I have been playing since 06 :):joy:

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Yeah, I guess getting the maps for free is ok, but still makes it feel like the game lacks content when it released with the bare minimum. I seriously hope TC doesn’t release any future maps with simple day/night time changes on existing maps with a few different weapon spawns and call them new. That would seriously take the cake.

I also got the game through gamepass. First Gears I haven’t purchased and kinda glad I didn’t due too the slew of bugs and server issues the game has. The game’s ok when it works but it rarely does in my case. Haven’t gotten any xp/lvls for 3 days now and no fix in sight. sigh