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"We Gained Your Trust With Gears 4"

Yeah, between the issues with the game on PC and how they did horde skills with the loot boxes (and from what I understand, this particular aspect of the boxes isn’t being changed in 5) I have no trust in the Coalition. Nothing shown about Gears 5 makes me think it’s going to get better either. (And this isn’t even going into how terrible the campaign for 4 was and how 5 looks to be just as cringy) No plans to buy 5. At this point, the only Gears games I might pick up would be Ultimate Editions of 2 & 3 for the PC. Gears 1 UE was done right. But I don’t trust Coalition to create anything completely new and have it be good.

I’m more than happy to see how the game turns out before complaining, They’ve taken a lot of feedback on and as appears in this thread, they seem to recognise there was a lot of things that could have been done better.

Now, hopefully they’ve had work done on the audio as the footsteps were still a big problem in Gears 4.

I may complain about games, but Gears of War being one of my Fav franchises, I will always play it. I’ll always get each installment. After reading some tid bits that TC release, I am getting a little more excited over time. My bread and butter is always the Campaign and Horde. MP, I don’t really care much.


If the answers aren’t yes, 60+ and no then we’re going to see a ton of issues once again.

Don’t let us down!

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Ryan already answered #1, in the last dev stream he said one weapon tuning. So, that’s out the way.

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Never played any games on pc,pc’s aint for gaming,consoles are for gaming in my eyes.

You do know a Xbox is just a budget PC?


Im sorry what? I’m a console gamer and I know PC’s are for gaming. How do you think your games are made? Plus every gen of gaming console recently has been getting closer and closer to being a PC.

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Not to mention, PC has been getting more games than ever recently. You also get to have many Xbox and PS exclusives on PC, giving you the best of both worlds. Along with the potential ability to play those games with much higher visuals, framerate and less latency.


The only reason I have an Xbox one was for Halo and gears. I’m gonna wait for the full reveal of Scarlett to make a buying decision on it. But if Scarlett is underwhelming, I’ll probably invest in a gaming PC.


Halo and Gears,

The best versions are on PC.

And Scarlet will be very good, probably the best Value to Performance and as stated, as close to a PC as you can get.

But what that’s promising end of NEXT YEAR,

PC is and has already been doing for a while now.

Consoles are no doubt, fantastic value, but, when it now comes to Xbox - PC is the best place to play those games since Microsoft has committed to bringing its biggest franchises over (Halo, Gears, Forza).

Even Game Pass is on PC now.

If I had to choose a console going into next gen, it would certainly be the PS5 as it does have amazing exclusives. But for Xbox games and multi-plat games, PC is the place to be unless you are restricted by budget or other reasons.

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Well if that’s the case then why the distinction? Why fight about it if they’re both technically PCs?

Are you serious, when I say assets I mean Mechanics of the shotgun , that is what I was applying and they don’t!!! because if they did they wouldn’t be saying " we figure out the science of the shotgun" or something similar of the sort. that prove to me they don’t.

You mention it was their intention to make it like gears 2 and 3? that is why is trash and died out real quick like gears of war 5 will if they don’t keep it fresh, that is why they change up the aiming icons right?? To keep the game fresh!! right?? o right

You said my opinions are great because they re-release the same maps that already came with the game right that nobody wants right, people wasting money on a product that just going to change map from day to night??? You support I can see because a person that said" my opinions are great" Support garbage business practice and the people on the forum sees you are that.

Naw, Gears games all the way to judgement never had a issue going to cover especially when I press the damn A button. All my friends that play ultimate edition, and gears 4 notice a bug like the Gnasher bug right that was shooting random shots right, like you said why wouldn’t they have assets to the game, I mean if they did why they have to update and fix the gnasher if they have the assets of the shotgun and how it shots in gears of war?? They don’t have it. anyway ultimate edition and gears 4 we notice this bug only in these two games that if a dead body that’s in front of you or sometimes press the a button your character will not register to the wall next to it. That been their since Ultimate edition. It was never in a gears game on the xbox 360.

i’ll all be irrelevant soon anywayz when VR takes over.That’ll be real cool,until you turn round&see a gnasher an inch from your head…BANG!! whoa…

VR isn’t for me, just like 3D.

The idea of turning everything into first person view for the sake of VR is beyond stupid in all honesty.

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To be fair, there do is one game out there with an odd third person like perspective that is in VR. Edge of Nowhere. Haven’t played it myself though. It’s an… interesting choice.

But putting that aside, would first person and VR for Gears really work? I somewhat doubt it would.

No it wouldn’t because this would affect and change ALOT of things in so many ways.

They didnt earn my trust at all. Sorry Rod, you should NOT have said that.
As a reminder, those are the reasons why TC never “earned my trust” :

  • My first issue was that, in the campaign, we had to fight hundred of robots before seeing the very first Swarm. Too many robots (but its not related to Gears, I’ve always hated robots and always will. I dont trust them). But it makes sense with Bird’s company and stuff so I got over it (thank god).

  • Hated the RNG system for more than 2 years ! If I want to gamble, I’d just go to a casino or something. Thankfully, they’re working on laws to prevent RNG loot boxes in games (in Europe at least, that’s where I live).

  • Hated the clowny characters like naked oscar, zombie whoever or colour blast crap. So out of place, and made me feel like Judgment 2 when in a lobby full of those characters. Hated that zombie carmines came BEFORE the regular one. Felt almost like a knife in my back (but maybe thats just me).

  • Hated that cross play was forced upon us in the Social Playlist. For your information, the same cheaters that were here 2 years ago ARE STILL HERE rocking their aimbots. I reported them so many times (wih my friend xOderus), but TC kept the crossplay anyway and didnt do much about those cheaters. I could name a few here but they dont like when we do that. It still makes me mad to this day that I dont have an option to turn it off.

  • One other thing that still bothers me to this day (but its minor compared to my previous statements) : where is Clayton ? We get to see Gary (which is believed to be his son, right ?) but NO NEWS about Clayton. Its like he never existed and I was so disapointed by that. He was always one of my favourite character so please tell us about him in Gears 5 or 6 ^^

I cant think of anything else right now, but those factors kind of ruined my Gears 4 experience from time to time.

Now, to end up on a positive note, I wanna say thank you TC for FINALLY getting rid of the RNG loot boxes. That’s a very nice move and I’m sure EVERYONE will support that decision ! Im starting to WANT to trust them a little bit more now. But I’m in a “wait and see” mood because of all the things that happened in Gears 4.

So yeah, Im sorry but the trust isn’t there yet. We’ll see about that in the next weeks ^^ And IM NOT BUYING it DAY ONE and I’m NOT PRE-ORDERING this time around. I have game pass ultimate so I get early access and the other bonuses so… If I’m happy with Gears 5 after its release, then I’m gonna buy it. But no promise, it depends on a LOT of factors. I hope this time they’ll make the right moves.

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