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"We Gained Your Trust With Gears 4"

Personally they started to gain almost everyone’s trust with Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. That game was actually done really well! People argue that the game was already made and they just had to “reskin” the game, which is true but they could have messed it up! With four they started off really good! After season three I don’t know what happened. I do think they can earn everyones trust back if they listen to the VETERANS of Gears of War and not the new people that just got into the game. That’s how the game got ruined in the first place anyways. Here’s to hoping they fix the bugs and all that!


I understand your comment fully, I have seen all Escape gameplays and I’m afraid I know for a fact I prefer the original.

Yes, the original photo is at a high damage, but even on a lower about of damage it’s still irritating to totally sacrifice a lot of visibility for the sake of a COG shaped vision in front.

The original Omen has never been a major issue in regards to getting in the way , but fair enough. I’ll wait for the Tech Test, but if you must keep it then an option for the original Omen should definitely be available. Win-win.

Yea, more casuals = more $ for them, that’s why Gears 4’s weapon tuning was forever a nightmare with CORE/COMP tunings, rather than 1 UNIVERSAL tuning that was more akin to COMP. If Gears 5 releases with multiple weapon tunings, it’s already gonna be a game breaker for many people, we need to be asking questions about things like that.

A few decent questions to start out with:

  1. Will there be a universal weapon tuning?
  2. What will the server tickrate be?
  3. Will there be the same lag compensation as was in Gears 4?

@TC_Octus can you guys please be more open about the NVIDIA crashing issue and the ‘promising’ news that you have?

We still don’t know what’s causing the issue… Do you?

Also wanna say, Ranked Season 6 is the reason why I play less Gears than usual, I can’t find matches as fast as I used to.

The same here but with the xbox

All 3 of these questions will be answered once we reveal Versus.


I’m afraid that’s as open as I can be, We’ve had a multitude of potential causes identified during this process that turned out not to be an issue. This one is a little different but until we’ve tested against this solution, it’s too early to say.

It’s just an extremely complex deeply-rooted issue with 10 series card drivers and our game as of the 383 drivers.


Thanks for the response. Very nice, I’ll be waiting attentively.

thank you for your reply octus i really appreciate you taking the time, its just sooo frustrating that i can’t play this game that i love & passionate about on pc you know, i really hope gears 5 will be playable on 10 series cards

Wow, I think Ryan Cleven answered the tuning question earlier on the Developer Stream. He said 1 tuning. Here, timestamped it:

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I’ll have to watch later, but be interesting to see how they settled on 1 Tuning.

Stun / Smoke nades, 1- tuning,

Finally some good news from versus !!

I’m kinda worried about melee in versus tho …

I agree, I played all the games, and Gears of war 4 is a disappointment

(1.) They don’t have assets to gears of war 3, and what I mean by this is, How can a company can’t transfer their shotgun blueprint into gears of war 4??? Why are they still figuring out the science of the shotgun when you had it right in gears of war 4???

(2.) Game feels like 2 and 3. The game don’t feel fresh

(3.) A button don’t register sometimes going into cover

(4.) Re-release the same maps that came with the game (laziness)

(5.) Worst dlc maps in gears history

This product is just bad. That is why Halo infinite look like a fresh new game while gears 5 look like gears 4. instead of making the game feel fresh.

They don’t have assets to gears of war 3

Yes they do. Otherwise how would they have played the audio used for the Memento Mori Easter Egg?

Game feels like 2 and 3. The game don’t feel fresh

It’s almost like that was their intention. Oh wait, it was.

A button don’t register sometimes going into cover

Every Gears has always had issues with not taking cover when you want or sticking you to cover when you want to get off. Hopefully Gears 5 improves on that.

Re-release the same maps that came with the game (laziness)
Worst dlc maps in gears history

Opinions are great, aren’t they? Kinda redundant to have both of those be their own separate points though.

That is why Halo infinite look like a fresh new game while gears 5 look like gears 4

You have seen no gameplay of Halo Infinite. You have seen a very short teaser and a cinematic teaser, and nothing else. Halo Infinite will be a next-gen launch game, while Gears 5 is running on the same hardware Gears 4 runs on. Everything you said there makes you come off as completely naive and unintelligible.


Won’t 5 be fully/more optimized for the X rather than being made compatible for it post-launch like 4 was?

Sure, but it’s very likely that the difference between base Xbox One and the One X are just the graphical settings being raised higher. With Microsoft’s whole ‘No one gets left behind’ thing, wouldn’t be fair to make only One X/PC players have things that the base Xbox One doesn’t get.

Well alright. But the X is supposed to run 4k60 on all modes for Gears 5 according to TC(though I don’t expect the 60 to be kept in splitscreen).

Pretty sure they’ve already said splitscreen will drop it to 30.

I haven’t really watched dev streams so I probably missed that but I kinda figured it would be the case.

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