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"We Gained Your Trust With Gears 4"

Yep, the only thing that made me laugh harder than his shoes was DiMaggio’s response to ‘that’ question about Kait!
Dress your age, man - we may take you more seriously…

Alright, what did I miss?

Some tool asked what Kait’s bedroom preference was…
The legendary John DiMaggio didn’t seem to consider it a legitimate question and was somewhat… ‘blunt’ with his reply.
I can’t really explain it any better than that in such a way that would be deemed acceptable on the forum. I recommend searching it out though, it’s towards the end of the cast Q & A appearance.

I always wonder myself about those characters in their private lives(no, uhm… inappropriate, let’s say, stuff though), but asking what Kait’s bedroom preference is? What sort of question is that even?

Very odd question likely from someone that doesn’t even know the Lore of Kait she’s an Outsider I doubt she has ever had an actual home or life for that matter

They lived in a village though.

Dude should have been thrown out of E3 for that IMHO - so few opportunities for questions and he smirks out that drivel for either trolling or a dare!


Exactly… I have a million questions for Rod

Yes that was Rod Fergusson the Head of TC and former wingman to Cliffy B at Epic Games. He has gone on record many times discussing how the fans “Loved” Gears 4 and how big of a success it was.

I respect his opinion, but it just seems delusional from my point of view.

No they do not, feeling entitled much?

All I care about is the gore really haha. I just want to kick my enemies off the map and watch as their body ragdolls down a mountain


Just like the guy at Blizcon that asked “Is this some sort of April fools joke?” Should have been given an award lol…

People are just funny…

The best has to be the Elder Scrolls Mobile showing getting boo’d :sweat_smile:


Pc player here im only playing it cause i have pc gamepass for a year <3 and i want gears tactics <3 i do agree tho 2 years broken, people blaming nvidia cause a driver rollback fixes, but its gears that built on those broken drivers.

you’ve been saying we’ve been working with nvidia on addressing this & workin on a fix for 2 years now… comeon dude. i’m sorry but this robotic r esponse is not enough for people to get the trust …


Working as intended=broken
Fixing matchmakin issues=blocking EU PC players
Black coffee=delicious


Meh… I’ve been having a ton of fun with Gears 4 and I don’t understand all of the hate.

If you look at our launch reviews for PC, none of this is present. We were just fine on 10 series cards at launch and for a good time after too. We didn’t ship with this issue.

Totally, action is what’s important. Even if it’s the same statement though, it’s important to us to reply and let people know we are still working on it because we are.

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“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is also the road to a lack of improvement. We all like the Old Omen here too. but as Nodezero said here, it’s positioning does get in the way of some design goals around evolving the rifle meta in 5. It wasn’t perfect which means we might be able to improve something.

These changes go through a ton of playtesting because tactile hands-on experience is the core of games. Some things look problematic but are much better in practice, which means we aren’t going to be changing it based on reactions to screenshots (especially when the example is under YouTube compression and at 99% damage).

That’s not to dismiss any of the concerns we’ve seen - they are a great start to an ongoing conversation - but your hands-on experience is important. If you play with it throughout the Tech Test and still think it’s problematic, then we’ll be listening. If you play with it and love it, even better.


It’s not just screenshots and compression.

It’s easy to see through video gameplay.

It’s builds on your screen way too fast and you get blinded.

Even if it’s 70-80-90-99%.

You would otherwise have a chance to see and react.

Now you have tunnel vision and are certainly going to die because you can’t even see your own weapon and where it’s pointing.

We’ve already accepted that the tech test will share the problem with the wider community.

I just want to see the game succeed, just like you guys over at TC.

Sometimes, changing something that’s worked for 5 previous games isn’t the best way to “improve things”.

Rifle Meta can still be in play - I don’t see any advantages, benefits or reasons to have it in the game.

But fair enough, we shall see what the general consensus is.

Because back in Season 6 - a lot of us were left high and dry and not even able to play the game.

TC didn’t care whatsoever.

These things worry the playerbase and community.