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"We Gained Your Trust With Gears 4"

This reminds me a lot on 343 industries when they made halo combat evolved the anniversary edition and gained my trust only to backstab me with Halo 4 and 5, now Gears of war has followed the same path.

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I think the game is great. But then again I play on its intended platform. Works and plays like a charm.

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The funny part about that quote is them having his trust on proving they could make a Gears game with UE. It’s funny because UE was a game already made that they remastered the gfx for. They were gonna initially redo UE’s code in UE4 and decided it was too much work, so they just left the super early version of UE3 code untouched.

Even with Gears 4, Epic started Gears 4 and worked on it for the first 6 months before selling it off to Microsoft, so TC had a good platform already setup for them with Gears 4 even, before they started doing any coding.

I admit, I’m also very worried about their ability to keep Gears true to it’s essence, I’m not so sure they truly understand what makes it feel right to the players. I do like that they’ve listened on some issues though, since I’m on PC, the main thing being the game launching on Steam.

There’s alot they need to do to keep it feeling right though, along with hopefully going with a Universal weapon tuning, and I agree that the visual damage indicator looks pretty lame and should have just been left alone.

Works and plays like a charm on the platform it was built on and for at 4K 144Hz with everything set to Ultra Settings - not available anywhere else.

And TC have come up with nice list of features that are exclusively on Gears 5 PC.


They saved the best feature for Xbox though - not being a PC.

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An Xbox is a basic PC for the budget gamer.


munkey seems to be very aggressive about PCs…i wonder what they ever did to him


PC? The politically correct kind?

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I think you mean NPC?


He has a personal vendetta against anything PC.

But he doesn’t understand an Xbox is just a PC too.

A budget PC.


don’t confuse the good NPCs (non playable characters) with that dumb overused meme meant to label the stupid SJW types.

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“Rod ferguson (how ever you spell it).
Yeah I chuckled because most of us done nothing but complain about gears 4.
Never really got much better as it went either.”

This was the reaction of a lot of Gears fans I know personally. I mean, there is no way we would be buying Gears 5. Sure, we will play on GP. But we do not expect it to work that well. And the community will probably die very quickly and they will talk up the overall player numbers. Yeah, but how many would actually purchase!

The same garbage since way back. A huge reason I did not play for a while. That and the people I played Gears 1-3 with mostly just quit. A good number of good games out there.

It sucks because I do really like the Gears franchise. But the “trust” I have gained is that they will put out an ok product and let it rot without proper care. Hope I am wrong though.

Who knows at this point :man_shrugging:


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@III_EnVii_III is a pretty nice dude. Never made me feel any less when i played with them and i didnt do too great. Thats their thing is the pc. I blow my cash on violins, concerts, kayaks and what not. Its like anything you dump cash into, youre super into it .dude has the money and thats his thing. I was playing with @Krylon_Blue the other night, i think he was literally like 4 or 5 seconds ahead of me on pc lol. Theyll have a population again in 5, at least for awhile.


I loaded in quicker but that’s only because I have an SSD drive. The next XBOX will also be running an SSD so the load times should be similar to that of a PC. Otherwise, everything was about the same other than I was playing at a higher framerate (90 FPS) and a larger FoV.

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That frame rate helps for sure. We werent tooo far often in scores and on the board. 4s laggy a f though. But thats social, so whatever. I think pc definetly helps once your pretty good on console, but envii, twist, dodson, krylon theyre good players. They can aim, strategize and adapt. Thats what koth and esc are all about. Also why i hate tdm lol.


I appreciate the kind words!

Plus that’s I would hope anyone would feel if they actually speak / play alongside me and my friends.

And likewise, always good to play to play with a chilled out person! Always said that about you and so have my friends.

Yeah, everyone has their thing. I’m just lucky to have several things I enjoy and like. Cars, Tech, Gaming, Fashion, Film/TV and Sports - I sink money into all these but I don’t always have a lot of time. I’ve not even been home for past 3-4 weeks.

But hopefully get some Gears 4 in at some point in the next 3-4 weeks but I’ll definitely be home of the week the Gears 5 Tech Test lands!

Gears 5 on Xbox, PC and Steam is going to be a new chapter for the series!

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What would Prince say?

"If yah dont like,
The world your playen in,
Take a look around,
At least yah got friends,

All excited,
But dont know why,
Maybe its cause,
We’re all nervous about 5,

So when it comes,
Whats it all for?
Better live now,
And get ready for more."

Are yah gonna let the coalition bring yah down? Oh no lets go!

If you need help finding matches just ask. Im lower rank US east coast console lol.

I talk to @Krylon_Blue almost everyday. Even if 4 plays like garbage, I met a really good friend through it. That was well worth $50. Still hate lag comp though lol.


We met over a year ago. I remember you typing in the chat “Krylon is real”, lol. You told your whole team to focus on me because if you were going to win I’d have to be stopped. You did end up beating my team even though your team couldn’t hold me in check, lol.

Partied up afterwards. Talked for a bit. You traveled a bit and we didn’t speak for a year. Now we talk every day.

Bromance. @DAVID_THE_CLOWN, you’re missing out.