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"We Gained Your Trust With Gears 4"

Dutch? Nope! 100% American. Ha ha. :sweat_smile:

The Steam release was announced at the end of last month…semi-buried within a news post.

I was REALLY hoping TC would make that more public knowledge for their E3 presentation. I’m sure there are a ton of PC players who were either put off by the Nvidia issues or just Gears of War 4 only being on the Windows Store. I’d imagine some people STILL think that only Halo MCC is getting a Steam release and not 20 other MS first party titles including Gears 5.

Messaging is everything, and I’d say Gears 5 is starting off on a bad foot. The wording at the end of the Escape trailer just says “Xbox” and “Windows PC.” If possible, coordinate with MS and throw a Steam logo on all upcoming promo material to get the word out before September.

thanks for the reply and while I do use an AMD card that post was primarily for my Nvidia using peers.

we’re all looking forward to the tech test, launch and hopefully next few years of Gears 5

I couldn’t agree more. A simple “Steam” logo anywhere on there would make a world of a difference. There’s surely more fans like me that just will assume it’ll be WinStore exclusive again.

Now my #1 concern/question is whether they’ll go with a universal weapon tuning, or have the abysmal CORE tuning along with a COMPETITIVE tuning, which would make the game feel really sloppy and make it hard to constantly readjust everytime you switch between modes that use one or the other.

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Will there be Dual-GPU Support for Gears 5 PC?


Can we turn off live Ribbons in MP? (See them in post game match report only)

Will there be an”classic look omen” because the new one for health damage is VERY over the top and looks confusing and just too much UI.


Will we get actual ping numbers within the games leaderboard?


Nothing annoys me more then when the Ribbon pop ups go crazy and distract me while I’m getting flanked


I care about this question the most and probably way more than I should. I loved how the old Omen looked.



In the PC version, it can cause a minuscule stutter - so I would prefer to just disable them in game and have them post match report.

Also, I agree they are a distraction.

@TC_Octus that’s my reason for asking.



They can give it that nice, flat look to match the art style of the game.

But, the new design is just too much, especially for MP and Campaign.

You can’t see anything which is the problem!


i like being able to turn crossplay off. I play with pc people too but most of my friends are console, $3,000 computer for a $60 game. If yah got that kinda cash more power to yah. Im not rich and in the low onyx level and enjoy playing with my friends on console. Just what most of us can afford. Yeah pc’s better, but i dont have that kind of cash to play gears. I work with computers all day at work, Id go bonkers doing it for gaming too lol.

I see the old belief that PC’s are $3000+ is still going strong.

whats the difference if it’s a PC? you get a big discrepancy between the XB1 (2013) and the XB1X, would you like a way to block those platforms from playing together too?

I think the majority of us feel the same mate. It would be like Madness losing their “M” or the Specials losing their “rude boy”


Did they though ??

Yeah man shut em all down lol. You go PC for a gated community then complain there isnt enough people in those gates.

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He actually said “we aimed for bust with beers, coor.”

good rant. i lol’d

There is no workaround if the system is not counting the chapters you have finished. I can not unlock 10 UNMISSABLE story achievements. 40-50% of all players who ever played gears 4 unlocked those achievements but not me. I finished the story so many times that i spend a total of 3 days and 14 hours in the story alone. I finished it on Casual, Normal, Hardcore, Insane and Inconceivable. On top of that, I finished Inconceivable with Ironman Active in coop AND on solo.
I tried to play with different coop partners
I tried finishing the story on PC and Xbox one
I tried to coop via crossplay
Split-screen coop…
A fresh installation of the game on both systems AND deleting my savegames with all settings.

After contacting Coalition on Twitter all they told me…“We are currently busy with Gears 5”

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@TC_Octus Nothing you’re doing at this current time matters more than answering this question. The new damage omen is an abomination, it’s well against traditional Gears and just looks a total mess to be honest.


TC Octus replied in my other thread and said “wait till July and try it first”.

I guess we will just have to wait till after tech test and maybe then we will get listened to.

You can’t be serious. July? This isn’t up for debate, come on now. They said they want to try new things now that they’ve “gained our trust” with Gears 4, I didn’t know it was a nice way of saying they were going to mess things up that have been fine for years.

Next thing you know DBNO will be replaced with characters going fully prone and crawling.

Don’t get too cocky, TC. I’m a busy man these days, don’t make me come to Vancouver.

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Imo all with Gears 5 is wrong… The story, the HUD, character models, the animations, the gore, the AI, the freaking escape powers, new guns… Is unbelievable how they still use the same animations of Gears 2…