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"We Gained Your Trust With Gears 4"

i hope you give gears of war video editors the ability to use a nice ghost camera with bots in the game (for map cinematic ) or a theater mode would be even best. youd be really helping us out man.

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My lingering concerns are this:

  • Will you truly work closely with Nvidia to ensure that what’s happening with Gears 4 on PC will not happen with Gears 5? I took a 160 day hiatus from playing the game because I simply cannot play it on PC for more than an hour without my game locking up. After recently installing it and then uninstalling it, I feel as though it is implied that fixing this issue is an afterthought or not really important.

  • Why does it seem that you are dead set on removing a traditional 4 - 5 player experience across multiple gametypes? Campaign deserves the ability for groups of at least four people to play together even if the people we play as aren’t “canon” to the campaign. Social Quickplay has no reason to simply be a two-player party. It’s Social; nothing counts. Nothing matters. Let teams of five people join as a group and remove the mandatory Ranked play that parties of greater than 4 have to deal with. Why is Escape a three-player experience?

  • What are you all doing about bullet registration?

These are rhetorical questions that will be answered as Gears 5 goes live and matures after launch. I don’t expect a direct answer.

Gears 4 is an indication that you all are capable of doing great things, but it can’t be helped that some things, some very crucial things detrimental to the longevity of the life of the game and the population, sustenance, and growth of the player base, seem to fall on deaf ears.


Could not have said it better myself
Gears 4 was a fantastic game but a few crucial things\decisions held it back


I have played the game with an AMD RX 480 and my current gtx 1070ti. I have experience ZERO issues since the day I started playing it on my pc which was around a year or more after i moved from the console version. So i do not know what are you talking about. Can you elaborate what kind of issues have you experience.

Haha. I thought the same thing.
And the people who complain are still gonna buy it because “Hey, its Gears, I love Gears”. Guys if you love Gears and you weren’t satisfied with 4. Don’t buy the next one.
I love Gears all day and night but I am not touching this game until I see reviews and gameplay.
A business’s favorite language is money so we have to speak with our wallets.
I don’t hate TC. I think with the right direction Gears 4 could’ve been fantastic. But it had many setbacks. And those will keep me from moving forward until I know they’ve learned from them.


4 plays worse than ever, and i mean real bad. @Krylon_Blue and i played a social. Holy heck what do you have to do to get a kill these days? I get punished for pinging 20-30. These 80 90 people must all be pros. The lag comps out of control in 4. Every shot you get chunked downed by 3 lancer bullets. Games bad like real bad. Cover doesnt even work anymore lol. The bullets come through the walls half the time. Its insane. “We earned your money with black steel, in 5 we’re tryen to go to rockjavik with umphreys so dont be afraid to spend.”

This company could care less about the people who played since 1. Now we’re doin money grabs with the terminator? Does he say i love mcdonalds after a kill? How corny can yah get lol? I thought this was a major title. Oh wait, the franchise cant even stand on its own two feet. That game pass was marketing saying, “yah better come up with somethen cause theyre catchen on its broke.”

Everybody asked for wingman, white uir, river and we get escape the terminator. That should say it all right there. You asked, and we ignored. I hope i can stunner somebody in 5 or rock bottom them when stunned too. Game and companys a joke. Who are these yoyos taken selfies of themselves with their gamertags these days too? Gears turned into weirdo central with garage wifi.

They were right about taking of war out, its not even the same series anymore. Getting corny and tacky. Might as well throw a zombies and black out in it and blacksteel lego batman. Maybe even a black steel scorpion or sub zero. Thats a really bad sign when that crossover movie/game stuff comes to a former heavy hitter title. Its gonna get goofy and not in the good way.

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Will there be TRUE GORE in the final release?? Gears 2 gore with organs, bones, intestines?? Thats the real question that needs to be answered because I dont play Gears for game modes. I literally play for EXETREME violence with upgraded graphics thats how I fell in love with Gears 1.

It looks like you guys decided not to add that from what ive seen so far. Could you at least make that an option, so the game is more entertaining.

Thats all I truly want

Problem is Gow players are trash. I play tdm alone and get nothing but awful teammates and L’s . Im onyx 2nd and my rank is difficult to hold like this.

After spending 2000 hours on gears 4 (xbox) for nearly 3 years, I can say it’s a very good game, and they have all my trust for the next one.
I’m hoping for a very good campain and some gears 4.5 pvp.
Let’s wait and see what they have to offer.

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Whether you trust them or not, or the game works out-the-box on PC, the main problem is it seems it’ll again be a Windows Store Exclusive on PC. This is the BIGGEST issue with the PC version. There will be NO player pool on PC if it’s Windows Store Exclusive. They’ll end up having to add crossplay to all areas of the game again, and many Xbox players will turn it OFF for ranked and any mode they have an option to turn it off in. You won’t be able to even enjoy a win in crossplay matches, because Xbox players will call you a hacker, etc, even when you’re going full controller. If there is no crossplay day-1, you’ll almost definitely have to join a Discord server during the most populated hours and get organized ranked searches going, which is just ridiculous, especially for a brand new game, that’s exactly how it went with Gears 4 though.

It’s just not worth getting the game at all on PC, unless they do what they’ve done with other games and what they’ve said for a while they’ll start doing more with 1st party games, and bring it to Steam. It’ll just be frustration from day 1 on the joke of a storefront they call the Windows Store. I’m not even considering getting this one, unless it goes to Steam.

It sucks that some people are still having that much issues with the game. I don’t really have the need to complain myself, because I barely got issues with it! :sweat_smile:

Only thing that happend to me once, was a quit penalty that I shouldn’t have gotten because my teammates quit… But other then that it works just fine for me!

^Someone’s out of the loop. Here you go:


I don’t get it… what’s wrong with that?

The poster above you was unaware of the Steam release for Gears 5. You and I both wrote replies at the same time. Yours posted first. :man_shrugging:t5:

Ah, didn’t realise that! :sweat_smile: (are you Dutch by the way? Judging from the language)

Thanks TC Octus for the post.

When its comes to trusting you guys i do…i liked where the story picked up and enjoyed it very much.

Gutted that no story related material was shown on the E3 presentation and would have preferred that to the announcement of the new game mode “Escape” which personally from what i have seen is just another addition like overun in judgement that died out very quickly.

I do understand that you want to push the envelope and deliver new things but long term gear heads feel that the core of gears is getting lost in the mix and that is where the trust issue comes in.

Multiplayer from Gears 2 & 3 remains the best experience in the gears universe…simple things like rolling lobbies missing from gears 4 and having 2 types of weapon balancing creates frustration and does not make it a fun experience online with a group of friends…and thats not even mentioning the connection issues, penalties, card packs etc…

I do trust you guys like i said but im not hyped at all for Gears 5 as i use to be for the release of Gears 2 & Gears 3.

Only interest i have at the moment is on the Story…lost all interest on multiplayer because of the changes made to it in Gears 4.

Heres to hoping that Gears 5 has more traditional core elements to it…


Gears UE was released in 2015 and still has issues that were never addressed so I had low expectations for Gears 4. Playing the multiplayer beta lowered those expectations even further and I was still fairly disappointed with aspects of the final release of 4.

The campaign was fine; Nothing ground breaking but nothing game breaking either.

Multiplayer was the largest disappointment. That continuous stream of patches and hot-fixes with each somehow making things feel worse than the previous just reaffirmed my thoughts that TC was grasping at straws with an inherited system they didn’t fully understand. In hindsight they should have pushed the launch date back at least a year.

Trust was not gained, however, I have lowered my expectations to near rock bottom for Gears5 to avoid future disappointment. :confused:


WOW! Niiiiiice! Ok, yea, I was definitely out of the loop. Ever since I last uninstalled the game like half a year ago, I haven’t been on the forums or kept up with any of the news. I just did a quick google search the other day though, and saw it said Xbox and Win 10, so I assumed it was only Windows Store again. This is AWESOME news though.

So, that takes care of the biggest issue of player population on PC, to where crossplay shouldn’t be necessary. The game being on Steam could also help with some of the bugs/crashes that would happen with every new Nvidia driver update, since Windows Store uses UWP, which can cause all sorts of issues. Very cool stuff, Now I can start following the progress with much less concerns.

We absolutely are testing on Nvidia cards also. We also did on 4 (the Driver Conflict was introduced post 382 drivers releasing - no issues before then).

We are still working on addressing 4 though and we very much want to get this resolved. We put a lot of love into Gears 4 PC and it’s something that we’re continuing to investigate and work with our partners on. If you missed it on our last Dev Stream, we have made some promising developments lately in the investigation but they are still subject to testing so it’s a bit early to promise anything right now.

Not sure if you caught it, but at the AMD E3 Conference, we also announced our Technical Test in July will be on PC too.

That will be a perfect opportunity to get Gears 5 running on your PC and see for yourself - and if anything unexpected crops up, we have 2 months till release to address it.


I am really happy about this.