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"We Gained Your Trust With Gears 4"

I will choose Trust from the breakfast menu may be…


When did they say this? Please link

i dunno…when it comes to TC “trust” is the last word i would think of

Lol. Thanks, Envii, community veteran for coming on here to promise change. You’re not the first, trust me.

What was your first pet’s name? Also, if you had a favorite mother’s maiden name and favorite first school attended, what would they be?

Do you have a favorite social security number of yours you’d like to share with the class as well? lol

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I’ve seen it in multiple places.

I don’t have the links right now.

Rod said in an interview that cards are earned.

I saw multiple tweets by various sources saying when you PAY for something - you get exactly what you pay for.

Makes sense if they have a variety of things you can unlock and/or pay for.

I don’t get why your so negative.

Gears 4 had everything for Credits. Challenges and watching Streams.

Literally only Black Steel we’re behind a paywall to raise money for eSports.


I’m negative because I don’t find working hard for luck-based results to be a fun way to play a game or worthy of my time or money. That’s it. If what you’re saying about Gears 5 is true, then I’m happy to hear that TC is learning from their mistakes and will hold judgment until I’ve seen more. But E3 did nothing to assuage my doubts.


Why have a negative mindset over something we haven’t fully seen and will, in due time, get to see and have on our consoles and PC to see for ourselves.

I think Rod talking about how they earned our trust is partly why so many are concerned. It’s almost like Rod has never visited the forums or any other gathering of the Gears community to see that a large amount of the community has serious doubts

But of course this was E3 so TC and Rod The Legendary wearer of fancy shoes would want to appear completely confident

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Yeah I doubt he comes on the forums here. He is a twitter boy if anything.

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He was obviously talking about the story line but I likes how quickly you twisted it to fit your personal agenda.

We’ll see

Envii is right on this. They said that you will know what you pay for. Basically what they been doing recently in gears 4

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Gained my Trust in TC. Gears 4 is my most played gears game to date and I’m beyond excited for gears 5 especially on my beast of a water cooled pc :drooling_face:

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I just wanted to jump into this to add a comment on trust. We know that, for some of you, we haven’t earned your trust. And we respect that.

We are aware that many of you have lingering concerns from 4 that you need addressed, and we want to address your concerns - our intention is to go deeper into Gears 5 pre-release than we’ve ever done before and be as transparent as possible along the way.

We’ll answer your questions, address the hard topics and deliver as much information as we can between here and release. Count on it.

If you’ve seen our Summer Roadmap, the one caveat is that won’t all come at once as we move focus from one month to the next.

Right now, Escape and Map Builder is already a ton to talk about for us and there’s more to come all month on that front - especially through IGN First. So while answers are coming, they may not be immediate,

(On the Gears 4 PC issues for 10 series users, we are still working with Nvidia on addressing this - even with Gears 5 around the corner).


I’d love to know when this will happen because, frankly, TC has been extremely neglectful in this regard. The sentence goes on to address Gears 5 but the “lingering concerns” from Gears 4 were never explained. Why did TC leave the community feeling abandoned with the pc issues, penalty issues, etc?


I think ensuring the Nvidia users that those GPU’s have been thoroughly tested during the Gears 5 development process would go a long way to easing some of their concerns going forward, even if Gears 4 remains an issue.

That’s exactly what i was thinking. I mean, I am legitimately concerned that Gears 5 will still crash on my GTX1080 and i definitely would not call that “trust” more like distrust

If this is the case i really hope you guys step up your game the biggest being addressing feedback i don’t know how many times we have said stuff is unfairly priced, glitches have been ignored, and connection issues such as 250 limit for ping is acceptable so we get paired with people with atrocious connections, or how many events that have been re released still cant be pushed out without technical difficulties stuff like that seems to never rise to the top in discussion and I hope that changes a lot because i am really rooting for 5

I do not want to pull any punches this time gears 4 I understood because everything needed to be built from the ground up and it was the first game you guys made this time around its different


You all need to not buy gears 5 until it’s confirmed they fixed these issues…Don’t give a company your money when they give you trash