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"We Gained Your Trust With Gears 4"

“We gained your trust with Gears 4” This is what some dude said at E3, is he trolling?
Im sorry but how have you gained my trust when Gears 4 has been broken on PC for over 2 years now! and im not talking just s silly little bug im talking completely game breaking!

If any you PC players get Gears 5 after this then shame on you! TC will have to bring some sort of massive discount for us having these problems to make up for it before i even think about getting Gears 5!


Rod ferguson (how ever you spell it).
Yeah I chuckled because most of us done nothing but complain about gears 4.
Never really got much better as it went either.


Hmm, probably not the best quote to have used given the outcome of Gears 4.

I thought Gears UE was supposed to be them proving they could make a Gears game. You had my trust with UE, 4, not so much.

Still positive and excited for 5, but “gained your trust” is maybe not the correct wording I would use.


Maybe a handful of players who supposedly love all aspects of Gears 4 gained their trust but 95% of the community def did not gain their trust


“some dude” :joy: Well, to be honest, at this stage he’s not far off it.

The eSports scene gained their trust, that small percent of “professional” players that TC bent over backwards to cater for regardless of the thoughts and opinions of the majority of the Franchise’s fan base.


Gears 4 on PC is far from broken.

There are workaround for issues caused by Nvidia.

Yes lets blame Nvidia, and work arounds dont cut it with me i want a fix!

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Then you need to blame Nvidia.

It’s their driver issue.

Sometimes you have to help yourself and you don’t want to.

A fix isn’t happening.

not mine. all they did was milk the franchise


lol. My friend and I both cracked up laughing at that line when we heard him say that.

He might as well have said, “For the past couple years we did everything you all clearly stated you didn’t want and you morons still lap it up anyway.”


:rofl::rofl::rofl:EXACTLY!!!Or:"With 4 we wanted to prove that we can make a Gears game":joy:
"Now we do it our way":rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Nvidia probably broke it due to console companies have the relationship with AMD.

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I had a good laugh after hearing that as well from good ol Rod

I’m sorry TC but you guys have not earned our trust just yet. Overall Gears 4 was a disappointment but still fun


I won’t touch gears 5 until valid reports on the forum says its works for PC with zero… ZERO… Issue.

And that includes matchmaking. Not just technical.


17th July should give us a good indication :+1:

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18th July I’ll turn another year older…


Me, you and @DAVID_THE_CLOWN all July :sweat_smile::raised_hands:

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Lol yup. The 12th for me

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Lol, clearly gonna be more loot box macrotransactions based on the “Escape” gameplay reveal. Absolutely no chance I will be getting this. Gears 3=fav game of all time. Gears 4=complete pile of crap filled with loot box BS.

Clearly Cliffy B was the brains behind the operation.

Unless Rod comes out and announces that they’re completely doing away with loot box RNG pay-to-win crap, then I doubt 5 will sell well with the longtime Gearheads.

Sorry, Rod, but whichever HR person told you that you “earned our trust” with Gears 4 should be fired instead of getting a raise.

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They’ve already said this.

In PvE - you can earn the cards.

When you spend money on stuff - there’s no RNG.

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