We fight for the speed of the game but nobody talks about that excessive aim assist

They talk a lot about speed and its deceleration, they remember gears 3 as a fast game which it never was, gerars 3 was a fluid game that allowed to make good movements for the same reason, there was acceleration but it was not as absurd as it is since the update of operation 3, I do not agree with the delay in certain shots, and tc is attacking the problem where it is not and the problem has a name and it is that stupid aim assist, play for a while gears 3 or gears 2 is there if it was required have aim and skill, after playing for a while go back to gears 5 and see how the game pushes the camera to hit the target, basically gears has aimbot, whatever the update, although the help is no longer as absurd as in the operation 3 but how do you know who has skill with tools as op as these?


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