We did it! TC caved

To be fair executions for weapons ect…should never be mtx…there part of the games mechanics …always have been…its embarrassing the way their scratting around…for every last nickel n dime.


Idk I kinda regret not grabbing that boltok rapid fire execution when it was in the store now. After seeing a few people using it I feel jealous.

Don’t let that fear of missing out get to you.


I haven’t seen a single person use it yet, but as @KING108 said. Don’t let that fear of missing out get to you, or else you’ll cave and further convince TC that these scummy MTX practices are okay.



New executions, as in, things made from scratch that we’ve never seen before, can be in the store for purchase if people want them.

Executions that are already present in the game’s files or on another weapon shouldn’t be up for sale.

If your happy to pay for executions …which have been an integral part of every gears game…and FREE…it beggars belief that peeps would be happy to pay for them…each to their own i suppose🤔


Closing as we already had a thread on this victory.