We could get a Lizzie skin next week

A returning one :^)


Not a new one, “Returning” or “Motor Pool” should be in the title as to not headline something that sounds new.

Never said so, and if the “;^)” didn’t gave it away, I’m just taking the piss,

I still think @RezRoller09 will get some satisfaction if that skin gets the poll win(I doubt it, but you never know). Far as I recall they missed the skin when it came round the first time.

Me? I’m not a fan of it. So yeah… still gonna be waiting.

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I have zero Lizzie skins, and I’m not a fan of her hive buster skin, so this may be an automatic purchase for me. And I don’t even know what it looks like.

Like the Hivebuster skin with different color-scheme and a visor. So yeah, terrible.

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Ah. Well. I may just stick with her default skin if that’s the case. Shame. I’d enjoy having a Lizzie skin.

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Like it was said, you’re not missing anything with the Motor Pool skin unless you want blue pants on Lizzie, a strange jacket and dig a relatively flat chest(not that that should be a main motivator to get a skin)… I’ve been sticking with the default skin since Op 2. Would even take a CS skin at this point even if they’re not the greatest. Only reason I own Hivebuster is cause of the Tour.


I’m only getting it for some change tbh

As if it weren’t bad enough that her skin sucks, it means I’m getting nothing out of next weeks store in terms of returning skins, because I already have all of the Carmine skins since I bought the Carmine bundle when it released. Which I personally think should have come with a Lizzie skin anyhow, but what do I know.

Look at all these foolish replies before me on the thought of motor pool Lizzie returning!

How dare you cowards ( whom I challenge before but never received a reply, making them chickens for life) say such a skin of Lizzie is worthless when you know nothing of her majestic majesty of motorized mobility!!! Do you have any idea how much we as gear players asked for something of Lizzie??? Do you know the suffering of being patient for #1 fun to once again be in the spotlight of the store??? A WHOLE YEAR!!! A WHOLE ■■■■■■■ YEAR JUST TO RECIVE ANYTHING!!! Now is the time for TC to turn in the right direction and if they think that rereleasing motor pool Lizzie next week in the store is part of that then I welcome it! I dare you to try something about it because if you do, YOU WILL FAIL!

I will get another glorious skin of Lizzie, even if it means to face all adversity of every gear known to mankind and if it is finally the mythical cyborg Lizzie We all deserve, i will ■■■■■■■ invest into TC with 10% of my yearly Income overall!!! ( If you’re wondering how much that is, It’s enough for me to make a statue of Lizzie liberty out of refined darkened steel!)


I don’t appreciate you targeting me on these forums and spreading lies about my health just so you can have a power trip.

People like you are why solutions never have any good fortune in the outcome. If you have such a problem with me then let’s settle it in the game, this is the third time I have said this to you specifically!


I remember when you posted normal things. You’re starting to remind me of the guy in my class in high school who wore a trench coat and had 5 cartons of milk for lunch everyday. I’m literally reading these comments in his voice man and it’s eerie.

Off topic, how come they cut the screams off when you execute or chainsaw somebody, kinda lame.

I do post normal things, you guys just don’t understand how limited you really are when compared to a true calling of intervention.

Lizzie skin will be back, and I will enjoy holding the true power it wields! That is when you don’t understand the awesomeness in it! Because you aren’t thinking about Lizzie, you’re thinking about the game! Smh and here I thought everyone else deserved better recognition. Only some do and you sparge aren’t one of them!

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Never even noticed. Now I’m sure I’ll notice every time. Thanks a lot lol

My bad

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I’m guessing it has to largely do with the scripting sequence within the action being implemented, like the animations, sounds, skeletal structure of the characters, the time it takes to do the execution, etc. It probably overwrites itself depending on the sequence ( Minh executing RAAM with the snap execution for example, Minh screams, then picks Raam up by the head, Then Minh grunts, then RAAM grunts, then the snapping sound happens, then the animation happens, then Minh grunts lowly, then RAAM falls over slowly animation, then Minh makes a kill confirmed quote Before the match ends in victory.)

Hope that answers your curiosity.

thanks for wasting my time

Interesting to see that they got almost 11.000 votes on their twitter. Almost double of blood spray voters 5.707 voters.