We clearly need the saw-off shotgun

Or actually make there be more incentives to focus on hitting their weakpoints, or different mechanics that make the boss more than just a big bullet sponge(within limits such that they still work in Horde without breaking the mode?). Like, make the Carrier actually take significantly reduced damage when you’re not hitting its chest.

Yup, the formulation of damage being done should change in Gears 6. Obviously, Gears 5 is a bit top-tier classes dominating in PvE.

As I previous mentioned, skill tree will likely to solve the problem as there’s no fixed classes difference. They can mix points towards assualt, tank, resources & promotional (or new technology).

For the weak point, I guess it’s like Gears 3 Berserker where you deal 1 damage or more when she is not get burning. However, somehow Gears 6 should adjust the enemies damage & accuracy, so that we can do hit-and-run, which increases more communication & excitement towards playing the horde.

Would love to see all weapons in some form to distinguish them.

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