We clearly need the saw-off shotgun

it clearly better then the gnasher we clearly all need to run up to people and blast them what could ever go wrong with this saw-off topic of a idea…?

(clearly I am nuts we only need the Gnasher honestly)


Let’s meet in the middle, how about TC just let’s us spawn in with the Overkill. Its a superior shotgun anyways.

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I agree with this mid to close range shotguns be like bam

There is a guy on here that keeps saying the gnasher looks like the sawn off, so you you got what you wanted :slight_smile:

no no we don’t need that we need the overkill now @RelaxingKoty has open my eyes that should be our true shotgun

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I think the Gears 3 SO with Judgement’s single trigger pull wouldn’t be too bad. As long as the Gib range was consistent.

The Gnasher is almost like a dueling weapon. Works similar to the Mastiff in Titanfall to me (Range, firing at least) whereas the SO is like a powerful melee and zone controller. You can’t take it on in CQC unless you have a bigger boom or they miss because it’s also a glass cannon that bodies one but can’t take a second target.

I’m not quite getting the “single trigger pull” idea for Js Sawed Off. Because that thing had two shots per reload, incidentally making it a better weapon for PvE(imo).

Bring back every weapon from previous games.

Let me play Infiltrator with a Sawed-Off.


Gorgon > Talon
Mortar > Buzzkill
Breechshot > Embar
Stim > Flashbang
Sawed Off > Overkill

I think some of the replacements are a bit arbitrary and boring.

You take that back.


Both. Both are good.

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I don’t think the Buzzkill is worthy of being called a replacement for that weapon. If anything, the GL is more like a handheld Mortar… with a far more boring firing sound that in no way replicates the weapon of terror that the Mortar would be on the battlefield. Or the satisfaction of firing it and seeing the rain of death drop down on an enemy that didn’t move out of the way quickly enough.



Gears Allies



Counter ratio


Rare Buster L

GL slander will not be tolerated.

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More like annoying screeching sound followed by lame explosion, which most of the explosion sounds are in Gears 4/5 as it happens. The Boomshot really doesn’t sound like you’re lobbing a stupidly powerful grenade at enemies.

The Freedom Lancer sucks just as much as the Freedom Lands.

Horrible sound design. Firing it feels like shooting an airsoft gun. It’s supposed to feel more powerful than the Lancer. And the rockets are super cartoonish and underwhelming they feel less powerful than a Frag.

Yeah sadly, I do like the Chunk sound it makes right as you fire/reload.

It feels far more powerful than the lancer with an active. Rockets sound wack but every gun in 5 sounds bad.

I prefer the opposite for your suggestions except the Breechshot and Gorgon.

It kinda is. The GL trades off some damage in favor of higher accuracy and rate of fire with its bullets.

It is. It melts in pvp. Even without the active its really good.

Technically, Objectively… Yes.

IN practice and execution? Nah.