"We can't sync your data with the cloud right now" [PC] SOLVED!

The companion app also solved this for me with Ori and Will of the Wisps. It did not have the same behavior when I first played this at release. Thinking Microsoft may have messed something up with the XBOX app and now we rely on the old companion app?

I get that message every so often and you get three options, play offline, try again, or you can hit the X in the upper right hand corner and close that window and that’s all you have to do, is close the window and go on playing, it doesn’t stop me from playing

YES THIS WORKS!!! It was so stupid researching every little thing just for it to be that. Trying to play subnautica and now I can thanks to you!

It’s April, 2022. THIS ■■■■ STILL WORKS. Wtf is Xbox Console Companion anyway? Nuisance.