"We can’t wait to see the people that complete the dual Ironman/ Inconceivable mode."

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Source: Gears 5 | Gears 5 Updates

Well, that just happened I guess:

Don’t get me wrong though, it was by no means completely “legit” if you wanna say so. And I don’t think any human being will be able to pull this off the completely “legit” way, simply because I don’t think it is possible to sit through a 5-6h session without a single mistake. You’ll see in the run numerous times that I basically instantly died without even having the opportunity to get into cover because the enemies deal so much damage on Inconceivable. Most enemies one-shot you and the ones that don’t, they take 2-3 shots to kill you if they’re not far away and even if they are far away, you’re usually being shot at by multiple enemies, therefore resulting in a sort of “one-shot” feeling.

I have set a premier of the video to the 20th of November at 8PM GMT+1 in case you want to chitty chatter with some other people together about the run. The video is 5h long and features 17 of the roughly 20-25 deaths I encountered overall. Some of these deaths were at the same passage so I cut them down to one.
Considering HD is not processed by that date, I’ll postpone it further.

You’ll find the premier right here:

If you can’t wait and want to see the raw footage of the run right now, you can watch the highlight over at Twitch:

At the beginning of the video (not the stream footage), I describe what you want to use throughout the campaign to make your live easier. Certain modifiers obviously help to make the run as painless as possible (this accounts for Ironman or Inconceivable). I think I forgot to mention those modifiers so here’s what you want to use:

  • Enable Jack Progression carrying over
  • Set Jack skill cooldown to fast (this allows spamming of the skills)
  • Set reload to gain ammo on reload (this will grant you infinite ammo)

And the rest of the modifiers is up to you.
I do not recommend using big heads because the hitboxes are quite buggy. You can also go for double ammo but it should not be needed since you’ll get back ammo with every reload anyways. You can use the explosive headshots modifier but it rarely helps you in any way because the explosion doesn’t deal enough damage to kill surrounding enemies.

Your main weapons you want to find is either a Longshot or Embar and in addition a Boomshot.

At the beginning of Act 1 you can trade with Kait to get the Longshot immediately. You’ll find a Boltok also in one of the toilets before you reach the first enemy encounter. This will help one-shotting the Juvies. The Boomshot can be found during the encounter before the carrier. It should be sitting on a nearby coverpiece.

In Act 2 you also want to grab the Longshot from the Armory. The Boomshot you’ll find from the Scion after the Hunter encounter when the door opens. You can trade those off for the Relic variants later on.

In Act 3 you can trade the Embar from Fahz in Chapter 2 (entering the rocket hangar). The Boomshot will be right below where the rocket assembly piece will arrive next to the lever you have to pull later in the campaign where you’d assemble the two rocket pieces.

In Act 4 - Chapter 2 you’ll find the Boomshot on your first enemy encounter from the Scion. The Embar can be found from an Elite Sniper during the encounter of the Carrier and Flock.

The Embar one-shots the tongues of the special kraken-like boss which will make the boss-battle a piece of cake.

Your main skills you want to use from Jack are Stim, Cloak and Flash. You mainly want to either spam Stim since it seems to also grant you damage resistance so you’re not one-shot, or you want to spam Cloak for faster progression and free-kills since the enemies won’t shoot you. Be careful using the Cloak skill in Niles facility, it can soft-lock the game if you’re running through it too quickly. Flash is mainly useful against boss-type enemies. It basically one-shots Flocks and you’ll deal more damage to the other boss enemies (e.g. dropping GL Launchers on them in the first Act). The Matriarch can be cheesed with Flash. It can’t do anything against you.

And that’s about it. It was a funny little challenge, regardless of the Ironman cheese.

A few final things regarding bugs:

In Act 1 - Chapter 3, if you have a second player playing Del on Inconceivable, he’ll always be insta-killed by the Juvies. You have to either rejoin after the first section or play on a lower difficulty.
If your Jack upgrades are not available at the beginning of Act 1 - Chapter 3, your Jack progression is bugged and you’ll softlock later on in Act 2 - Chapter 4. Don’t even bother continuing (Pulse is required there and you won’t have that skill anymore by then due to the bug).

If someone wants to prove me wrong about this not being possible the legit way, good luck! :slight_smile:


I did this the super cheese way, playing as jack using cloak non stop.

One problem using cloak tho is enemies wont move and they sometimes sit back just out off the playable area. I used hijack once in the hotel on a reject that would drop down in the music hall area which resulted in me falling thru the map.

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I’m doing Inconceivable + ironman, I’m at the beginning of Act 4, Chapter 2 where you have to make a decision, but I don’t get the option to make it. The only thing I see is the scenery around where Kait is supposed to be lying. Has anyone encountered this bug and found a way to resolve this? I really don’t want to repeat this whole thing -_-

Can you screenshot it?

This is what I see, in splitscreen, in solo, when trying online with a friend he sees the exact same thing.
If I just wait it out I fail and die because no choice was made.

Then what I can suggest is to load “previous” checkpoint instead of “current” checkpoint. It will not get rid of the Ironman so you can try to get to this passage again.

Reloaded checkpoint, tried in co-op, tried online, tried on another console, turned off killcam, rebooted the console, absolutely nothing worked :frowning:

Did you try to reload the previous checkpoint already? Not the current one (there’s two different options).

Yep, I tried that as well, still nothing. Submitted a ticket to TC now but I’m not hopeful.

Well that stinks. I feel for ya man.